Citroën Lacoste


Spontaneous, laid-back and sophisticated

Simple and laid-back but with plenty of sophistication, the Citroën Lacoste is another step towards the car of the future. It offers a modern, pared-back option that aims to end the 'always more' ethos that the automotive industry so often lives by.

Two brands, one vision

Two companies, Citroën and Lacoste, shared a vision: to cultivate boldness, creativity and optimism.
The resulting concept car is both decisively Citroën and typically Lacoste. Positioned at a crossroads where the car meets the worlds of fashion and sport, it has a unique and sporty style.

A new philosophy

Citroën Lacoste concept car - Strong philosophy

Sweeping away preconceived ideas on compact cars, the Citroën Lacoste shows there are alternative options. Its fresh, light-hearted approach turns car travel into an original adventure.

Sporty body lines

Citroën Lacoste concept car - Body lines

Stylishly minimalist and coolly laid-back, Citroën Lacoste has an off-beat sporty design, with a high waistline, textured wings, minimal overhang and golf ball-style wheels in the furthest corners of the body.

Open design

Citroën Lacoste concept car - Open design

Its eye-catching, open physique promises excellent driveability while keeping the focus on inventive design and style.

Augmented reality

Citroën Lacoste concept car - Augmented reality

The Citroën Lacoste explores the modern concept of augmented reality, sharpening perceptions and heightening the senses.

Solid performance

The Citroën Lacoste concept car doesn't need a large engine to be an exciting drive. Its responsive, economical and ecological three-cylinder engine is perfect for the car's size and weight.
This engine is a perfect fit with the Citroën Lacoste's focus on essentials.

Respectful design

The car's design choices complement the engine's respect for the environment. Even with its large tyres, it's styled to playfully embrace nature.

Fun interior styling

Highlighting the car's fun, laid-back personality, the emphasis inside is on traditional colours like white and dark blue, with touches of bright yellow.

Easy accessibility

Citroën Lacoste concept car - Accessibility

Getting into the car couldn't be easier, as the doors have been replaced by broad cut-outs that work perfectly with the body styling.

Ample storage

Citroën Lacoste concept car - Storage

The cabin has plenty of storage places, discreetly positioned under the ends of the dashboard and in the two bench seats. The seats are upholstered in white cotton piqué, with a weave styled to look like the iconic Lacoste polo shirt.


T-shaped roof

Citroën Lacoste concept car -

The Citroën Lacoste concept car has a T-shaped structure instead of a fixed roof, which is handy when you're getting into the car. It also includes an ingenious self-inflating hood.

Dashboard screen

Citroën Lacoste concept car - Dashboard

The handy dashboard screen with oversized pixels shows you all the driving information you need. Cutting-edge technology lies behind this simple look.

Discreet headlamps

Citroën Lacoste concept car - Headlamps

The headlamps are discreet to the point of being invisible, concealed under the car’s dark blue bodywork until they're switched on - when they turn into a fabulous spectacle.