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Owner Services

Where can I find information on Genuine Citroën parts and Accessories?

We offer a vast variety of Genuine and Approved Citroën Parts. View our 'Accessories' section under 'Owner Services' for full details of our range.

Where can I find information on vehicle servicing intervals?

Details of the recommended servicing intervals for all Citroën vehicles are detailed in your handbook. Or, alternatively contact your local Citroën Dealer who will be happy to assist.

I've lost my vehicle's handbook, how can I obtain a replacement?

Don't worry, a replacement can easily be ordered from your local Authorised Citroën Dealer, for a small charge.

How can I find my local Citroën Authorised Repairer?

With over 200 Citroën Authorised Repairers in our Network, you can be confident that there is a Dealer near you who will be happy to assist with your vehicle's servicing and maintenance needs. Find your local Dealer and view their contact details.

My vehicle's warranty is due to expire shortly. Does Citroën offer an extended warranty?

Yes, every new Citroën benefits from a comprehensive 3 year warranty and every Citroën Approved Used vehicle a 12 month warranty. Citroën Extended Warranty provides you with the option to extend this for a further 1 or 2 years. Click here for more information.

My radio is locked, where can I find the code?

For security reasons, your vehicle's radio code can only be obtained from your local Citroën Dealer. Proof of identification and vehicle ownership will be required.

How can I purchase Citroën Assistance?

All new Citroën vehicles come with 1 year Roadside Assistance, free of charge. This can extended for the vehicle's 2nd and 3rd year for a one-off charge. Contact your local Citroën Dealer for information.

How will I know if my vehicle is affected by a safety recall?

We will send a letter to the registered keeper of the vehicle, requesting that the repair is completed as quickly as is convenient. You can also subscribe to our service free of charge via the Citroën recalls website and we'll email you if a Citroën vehicle you've registered requires an inspection under the code of practice agreed between VOSA and the vehicle manufacturers. If you still have concerns, your local Citroën Dealer will be able to advise you.