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Applications in the initial pack

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Always more…

Citroën Multicity Connect combines the latest technologies to provide cutting-edge services in a simple and intuitive way:

Applications - well known apps such as Facebook, TripAdvisor, Michelin Guides.

Plug & Play - simply plug the USB key via the USB port to start, no wires and no need to place holders on the windscreen or on the dashboard. Citroën Multicity Connect can be purchased at any time and is fully transferable between compatible Citroën  vehicles (currently this applies to New C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso only).

Intuitive - uses the well-positioned 7 inch Touch Drive interface with easy to use icons.

Safe and legal - access to some app functions is restricted above 5mph to prevent distraction and to comply with UK law.

Secure - hidden within the central storage compartment, the CMC USB key is not attractive to thieves.

3G connected - reliable network coverage with no additional roaming charges in Europe.

GPS geo-location enabled - contains a highly accurate GPS receiver for precise location specific services, including a satellite navigation function.

Intelligent - uses vehicle information such as current speed and fuel level to customise the information provided. It is fully integrated with factory-fitted eMyWay satellite navigation (where fitted).

Reliable - maintains signal on the move and specifically designed for the vibration and temperature changes of an automotive environment. Not reliant on battery power so always available when you need it.

Applications in the initial pack

Citroën Multicity Connect works via a dedicated 3G key allowing easy access to a portal of applications via the Touch Drive interface.



This navigation aid uses simple junction pictograms to guide you to your chosen destination, which can be a postcode, an address or a point-of-interest (POI) automatically loaded by one of the other CMC apps.



Find the nearest fuel and service stations, view pricing information and facilities and navigate there at the touch of the screen.  CMC will even recognise when the vehicle is running low on fuel and prompt you to open the Fuel app.



Locate parking close by and, where possible, view real-time space and pricing information (additional functionality varies by parking provider).


Michelin Traffic

View real time traffic information around the vehicle, on the current route or at your destination to plan ahead and avoid delays.



Quickly and safely alert other users of potential hazards ahead (accidents, mobile speed cameras etc.). Coyote also warns you of accident black spots, fixed speed camera locations and other driving hazards from its built-in database.



Check the current weather conditions or obtain a forecast for the week ahead with the convenient CMC weather app.



An up to date and comprehensive database of local attractions, hotels, restaurants, pubs and cafés. Read user reviews before making your choice, then call the venue or navigate there using the convenient on screen links.


Michelin Guide

If you’re looking for somewhere more upmarket, why not use the world-renowned Michelin Guide? This app contains details of Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as more affordable ‘recommended’ establishments, including hotels


Michelin Voyage

This tourist guide app allows you to discover local attractions and points-of-interest.


Tell me Where

A directory for locating a range of amenities, from hair dressers, clothes shops and nightclubs to banks and hospitals.



Find the nearest Citroën dealer, access CMC account details and renew the contract from the comfort of your Citroën.

Applications from the store

Further applications can be downloaded via Citroën Multicity Connect.

The following applications can be downloaded for free:


Social Network

View your Facebook wall, post status updates and keep in contact with your friends, all from the comfort of your car.



The world at your fingertips; with instant access to Wikipedia’s online database, users no longer need wait until they’re home to find the answer.



Read and reply to emails from your normal email account using the Email App.



This handy calculator and currency converter even automatically updates the current exchange rates.



Simple but addictive, these mini-games for one or two players are sure to keep users amused.


You can subscribe to Citroën Multicity Connect at any time, from the moment you take possession of a Citroën vehicle.

This service is available at all Citroën dealers.

The service is sold for one year, renewable without commitment.

Price: £299 including VAT.

Includes the Citroën Multicity Connect USB connection key, access to the applications and Store and a 12 month subscription with unlimited data allowance and free European roaming (see Geographic area).

Fixed rate renewal for subsequent years: £109 including VAT per year.

Geographic area

UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Turkey and Finland.

A continuity of service is guaranteed in all of these countries at no extra cost, regardless of the country of residence.

Citroën Multicity Connect is available on: