Driving instructor cars

Driving School Programme

Citroën range of cars is ideally suited to the needs of driving instructors. Our smaller cars offer high levels of comfort and safety, whilst delivering low operating costs and being easy to operate for novice drivers.

To further enhance the suitability of our cars to professional driving instructors, we always have a range of competitive offers available.

Driving instructors may choose to acquire their Citroën driving school car through either Contract Hire, Finance Lease or Outright Purchase.

Please see the Citroën Contract Motoring website for more information.

For more information about car tax, see Citroën Company Car Tax Comparison.

For the latest details, please talk to your nearest Citroën dealer or contact Citroën Fleet Connect by phone on 08457 940 940 or by email at fleet@citroenconnect.co.uk.

Citroën Fleet Connect 08457 940 940