When it comes to buying a new car there's a lot of information to take in. What size, how many doors, which colour to choose? This section offers a guide on model selection within the DS range. We call it the DS family as they all share common traits, but each car has its own look and feel.

Small Cars


This iconic 3-door hatchback stands alone with its radical choices in design and use of the latest technology.

Convertible Cars

DS 3 Cabrio

You might be seeking the thrills of open-air motoring in your very own stylish convertible. 


5 door Coupe

DS 4 DS page

With its slightly raised stance, discreet rear doors, curved lines and sculptured body design, DS 4 is an alternative premium family hatchback.

Executive Hatchback

DS 5 Ds page

You might be recently promoted, and looking for an upgrade - a luxury executive car in keeping with your new position.