Modern convertible cars can reasonably claim to offer the best of both worlds – the elation of open-top motoring on a warm and sunny day, coupled with cosy and cosseting warmth when the weather turns less inviting. The days of flapping ragtops are no more, with today’s cabriolets even offering soundproofing on a par with their tin-topped equivalents.

The beautiful DS was also sold in an open 'Décapotable' edition in the 1960s and 70s, numbering among the best convertible cars of its era.

Today, that strong tradition is continued in the shape of the remarkable DS 3 Cabrio, it offers a versatile, multi-position fabric roof. The DS 3 soft-top can be fully opened or closed in just 16 seconds with an effortless push of a button, at speeds of up to 70mph. An unexpected shower never presents a problem, meaning owners can enjoy the wind in their hair with full confidence.

DS 3 Cabrio is everything the original DS 3 is, and more; the bold styling choices, sharp looks and powerful engine options remain unchanged. But now you can enjoy open-air motoring with a folding roof that’s safe to open and close at motorway speeds. Careful attention to weight and aerodynamics has also made DS 3 Cabrio peerless among today’s small convertible cars, offering the same clean profile as the hatchback DS 3.