DS 3 Cabrio

Discover DS 3 Cabrio, a convertible with elegant, refined style, a slick fold-away roof, and loads of customisable options.

Key points

  • Breakthrough styling (two-tone floating roof, shark fin etc)
  • Smooth roof mechanism that works at speeds of up to 74mph
  • Extensive customisation options (body and roof colours, wheels, trim etc
  • Eye-catching "DS LED Vision", including new headlamps associating the power of Xenon with LED modules and scrolling indicators
  • Connected equipment, like the eMyWay navigation system, Hi-Fi system and Connecting Box
  • e-HDi micro-hybrid technology, from 90g of CO₂/km
  • Versatile convertible for day-to-day driving (3.95m long, five seats, 245-litre boot)

Radical styling


This open-top version of DS 3 includes all the popular features of the chic urban car, like the floating roof and shark fin. DS 3 Cabrio is both radical and appealing, with dynamic lines, an attractive soft top and sophisticated interior.

A slick, fold-away roof
A slick, fold-away roof
A slick, fold-away roof
A slick, fold-away roof

Intuitive opening


You can open or close your roof even when driving at up to 74mph. And it's incredibly quick: 16 seconds to open or close fully and 11 seconds to open or close horizontally.

Driving sensations


The soft-top DS 3 Cabrio is all about driving for pleasure and enjoying a sense of freedom on the road. Built from the same base as the hatchback, DS 3 Cabrio has equally high standards in driveability, control and safety.

Care of the soft top


The soft top of DS 3 Cabrio is easy to look after. You can keep it looking perfect with special cleaning products available from any Citroën dealership.

Personalise your DS 3 Cabrio

You're unique, and so is your DS 3 Cabrio.

With DS 3 Cabrio, you're the designer. Chose the colour of the body, wheels, exterior and interior trim and create a car that suits you to a T.


Soft top

Door mirror housings


Interior trim

DS 3 Cabrio has a two-tone body colour range with a choice of eight body colours and three soft-top styles. So you can reflect your own style in your own convertible.


The roof of your DS 3 Cabrio is a different colour to the main bodywork. Choose from three colours: Black, Infinite Blue or Moondust Grey Monogramme. Splashes of these colours will also appear on the upper part of the side panels, the front crosspiece trim and the rear spoiler.


A wide range of colours (or chrome) lets you personalise the door mirror housings of your DS 3 Cabrio for an exterior colour scheme that you love.


Your DS 3 Cabrio comes with a choice of 16- and 17-inch wheels, diamond-tipped or coloured. You can even coordinate your wheel hubs with the body or roof colour.
Everybody's different - and your DS 3 Cabrio will be too.


The inside of DS 3 Cabrio also has a striking design.

  • The fascia strip, which includes the controls for the air vents, instrument cluster surround and multifunction screens, comes in a choice of six colours and finishes
  • The gear knob comes in five different finishes, combining satin chrome with glossy colour or matt leather
  • The protective floor mats feature the same graphics as the decals on the roof

And the key fob includes a disc in the same colour as the body, so you can always carry a little piece of your DS 3 Cabrio with you.


"DS LED Vision"

Daytime-running LED lights


DS 3 Cabrio has a bold look that reflects its strong character. Daytime running LEDs are recessed on either side of the front bumper, for an original and striking "DS LED Vision".

Rear LED lights


DS 3 Cabrio uses advanced technology to create a stunning "DS LED Vision" with rear LED lights and an innovative 3D effect. A discreet chrome-finish DS logo in an embossed black DS setting appears on the side.

A unique boot-opening mechanism

DS 3 Cabrio features a unique boot opening mechanism for amazing accessibility. Easily open and raise the tailgate above the back window to access the storage area.


New standards in interior space

open cabrio

Through its unique design, DS 3 Cabrio blends compact exterior styling with practical features, including:

  • five real seats (unique in its class)
  • a 245 litre boot (the biggest in its segment)
  • 2/3-1/3 folding rear seats (to increase the size of the loading area)

A comfortable, relaxed journey


DS 3 Cabrio sets the standard with highly effective noise insulation. You and your passengers can chat or listen to music comfortably, whether the top is open or closed. 

Scented air freshener

Your car is fitted with a scented air-freshener with a subtle, pleasant fragrance. You can easily adjust the intensity of the fragrance or turn it off altogether.

Hi-Fi system

DS 3 Cabrio benefits from an audio system with amazing sound. You can also plug in your MP3 player or USB stick with the Connecting Box.

eMyWay navigation system

Never lose your way again. You could add the eMyWay navigation system with its seven-inch high-resolution screen, and take advantage of the Birdview function and European maps.

MP3/CD/WMA radio

The MP3/CD/WMA player on your DS 3 has six loudspeakers and a USB port/jack. You can browse through the reading lists of your portable music player or use a phone compatible with the Bluetooth® hands-free kit.

Complete peace of mind



Enjoy a smooth, controlled drive in all conditions in your DS 3 Cabrio, thanks to its fine-tuning and light weight.  

Driving aids


Make light work of everyday driving in your DS 3 Cabrio. It's packed with handy tools like a cruise control with speed-limiter function, automatic rain-sensitive windscreen wipers, automatic headlamps, a multi-function on-board trip computer and rear parking sensors.

Environmentally responsible

Economical engines

e-HDi technology

Particulate filter

Gear Efficiency Indicator

Lower weight

Economical engines

We designed DS 3 Cabrio to show great respect for the world around us, with CO₂ emissions that reflects our high environmental standards.
Emission levels (over a combined cycle) is as low as 95g/km!

e-HDi micro-hybrid technology combines:

  • an HDi engine
  • a new-generation Stop & Start system
  • an innovative feature to recover energy while you decelerate

This helps you keep your fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions down with no trade-off in performance.


The particulate filter on DS 3 Cabrio models with e-HDi engines helps protect the environment as it traps and burns particles from the engine.

The quantity of pollutant particles is already extremely low with the BlueHDi engine, and falls to almost nothing with the particulate filter.


For a more economical and ecological drive, your DS 3 Cabrio comes with a Gear Efficiency Indicator that analyses your driving style and tells you the best time to change up.


Lower weight

As well as strong engine performance, the low environmental impact of the DS 3 Cabrio is down to extensive studies on weight control:

  • We use numerical computation techniques to optimise every aspect of both weight and technical quality.
  • With its limited weight and optimised aerodynamics, the DS 3 Cabrio cleverly manages fuel consumption, and CO₂ emissions.

Advanced safety

We set uncompromising safety standards for your DS 3 Cabrio.

Body structure


We gave DS 3 Cabrio a structure as stiff as the hatchback, by adding extra protection and structural reinforcements. So if there's an accident, you and your passengers will have excellent protection.



DS 3 Cabrio comes with six airbags as standard:

  • driver and front passenger airbags
  • two front lateral airbags
  • two curtain airbags



Your DS 3 Cabrio has an innovative, complete braking system, featuring:

  • an ABS function that adjusts braking pressure electronically to stop the wheels locking
  • EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) that distributes braking power evenly to all wheels
  • EBA (Emergency Braking Assistance) that boosts braking power instantly when you hit the brake pedal



The  ESC (Electronic Stability Control) function makes it easier to control your car in even the most difficult situations:

  • It keeps the car on course if you lose grip when cornering.
  • It works with a traction control (ASR) system that immediately brakes the driving wheels if you start to skid.

Child safety


Children travel in complete safety in your DS 3 Cabrio. Every version has two Isofix bases in the back for you to install child seats.

DS 3 Cabrio
From £ 15,325.00 ?