DS 3


Key points

  • The DS 3 benefits from the last technology “DS LED Vision”, including new headlamps associating the power of Xenon with LED modules and scrolling indicators
  • Extensive customisation of body and roof colours, wheels and trim
  • Breakthrough styling with its two-tone 'floating' roof and shark fin
  • Connected equipment, including eMyWay navigation system, Hi-Fi system and Connecting Box
  • BlueHDi technology, from 94g/km of CO₂
  • Dynamic to drive with its low driving position, body-hugging seats and flat-bottomed steering wheel
  • Versatile hatchback for everyday use (3.95m long, five seats, 285-litre boot)

Elegant design

DS 3 is a stunning, stylish car that you can personalise to make it uniquely yours. With sleek lines and chic styling, it's a dynamic, modern car.
DS 3 Elegant design 1440x694

Your compact DS 3 car has a striking, distinctive look. Its strong personality is reflected in its original design features, including a 'floating' roof, an attractive shark fin and the lastest technology “DS LED Vision”.

An original light signature

DS LED Vision


DS 3 is even more irresistible with the the lastest technology “DS LED Vision”, delivering more style, better visibility and less energy consumption.

Rear LED lights


DS 3 uses advanced technology with back LED lights and an innovative 3D effect. A discreet chrome-finish DS logo in an embossed black DS setting appears on the side.



DS 3 comes with over a massive 32 body colour combinations, so you can get creative and choose a car that suits your style perfectly. From the colour of the roof and body to the type of wheels and the exterior or interior trim, you're the designer, so it's up to you to create a DS 3 car you'll love. 

Body colours

Roof colours

Door mirror housings

Interior details


DS 3 comes with a two-tone body colour range. Multiple body colours and roof colours give you over 32 possible combinations, so your car can be just as stylish as you.


The roof of DS 3 is a different colour to the main body, and you can choose from four chic colours.

To complete your DS 3 with a flourish, choose from a range of decals to showcase your roof and easily identify your DS 3 as an unusual and modern car.


A wide range of colours or chrome let you personalise the door mirror housings of your DS 3 to create an exterior colour scheme that you love.


The inside of DS 3 also has a striking design.

  • The fascia strip, which includes the controls for the air vents, instrument cluster surround and multifunction screens, comes in a choice of colours and finishes. 
  • The gear shift has a choice of different finishes, combining satin chrome with glossy colour or matt leather.
  • The protective floor mats feature the same graphics as the decals on the roof.
  • You have yet more choice with your seat upholstery, including a selection with finely overstiched leather, and a range of sophisticated and modern designs.

Premium interior styling

DS 3 interior is as stylish as the outside, featuring stunning luxury materials such as leather and chrome.

The inside of your DS 3 combines subtle sophistication with exceptionally pure design lines and excellent comfort. The aluminium sport pedal assembly is fitted with non-slip pads, while the gear shift combines satin chrome with glossy colour or matt leather for a perfect grip.
The automatic air conditioning controls are built into the central console with chrome surrounds.

Well-designed cockpit


Your DS 3 is designed for a great drive, with comfortable body-hugging seats, a low driving position and flat-bottomed steering wheel.
The modern 3D instrument cluster displays information on driving, speed and fuel consumption, along with the rev counter. The chrome finish underlines the chic, sporty personality of your DS 3.

Generous space


Beneath its sleek body lines, your DS 3 has the qualities of a comfortable and practical hatchback.
The exterior design might be compact, but the DS 3 is the first truly versatile coupé, with five real seats that are as roomy and comfy as those in a compact hatchback. It also boasts generous leg room in the front and back thanks to its clever design.

Boot and storage


DS 3 makes everyday life easier. It combines an exceptionally roomy 285-litre boot with 2/3-1/3 rear seats that you can easily fold away in a single movement.
Its generous storage features includes a 13-litre glove box, bins in the doors, and compartments in the central console and fascia. A foldaway central armrest is also available for even more comfort.



Soft acoustics

DS 3 sets the standard with highly effective noise insulation: vibration, engine noise, wind noise and road noise are all insulated close to the sources of emission.


Scented air freshener

Your car is fitted with a scented air-freshener with a subtle, pleasant fragrance. You can easily adjust the intensity of the fragrance or turn it off altogether.


First-class Hi-Fi system

Your DS 3 features an audio system (Hi-Fi system) with impressive sound. It comes with an extra third speaker on the dashboard and an amplified subwoofer in the boot.

DS3 eMyWay

eMyWay navigation system

Never lose your way again. You could add the eMyWay navigation system with its seven-inch high-resolution screen, and take advantage of the Birdview function and the European maps.


MP3/CD/WMA radio

The MP3/CD/WMA player on your DS 3 has six loudspeakers and a USB port/jack. You can browse through the reading lists of your portable music player or use a telephone that works with the hands-free Bluetooth® kit.


Handy Connecting Box

Choose your audio source and plug in your MP3 player, USB stick or smartphone with Bluetooth® audio streaming. You'll see all the information on the multi function screen.

Useful driving aids

Make light work of everyday driving in your DS 3. It's packed with handy tools like a cruise control and speed-limiter function, automatic rain-sensitive windscreen wipers, automatic headlamps, an on board computer and rear parking sensors.

A dynamic ride

Your DS 3 performs brilliantly on the road. Nimble and dynamic, it takes curves and bends with ease. At the same time, it boasts exceptional control and fabulous comfort. 


We've used advanced and innovative technology to set uncompromising safety standards for your DS 3.

Cleverly designed structure


If there's a accident, everyone in DS 3 benefits from maximum protection. The cabin has been made into a stiff survival cell to stop objects entering it, and non-occupied areas are designed to crumple - leaving the cabin intact and keeping you and your passengers safe.

Airbags for excellent safety


Your DS 3 comes with six airbags as standard:

  • Two front airbags
  • Two side airbags at the front 
  • Two curtain airbags at the front and the back

Active City Brake


DS 3 features new modern high-tech functions that make every day driving easier including Active City Brake, an automatic urban braking system that helps to prevent low-speed collisions.



The ESC function makes it easier to control your car in even the trickiest situations:

  • It keeps the car on course if you lose grip when cornering.
  • It works with a traction control system that immediately brakes the driving wheels if you start to skid.

Child safety


Children travel in complete safety in your DS 3. Every version has two Isofix anchorage points in the back for you to install child seats.


Economical engines

PureTech technology

BlueHDi technology

Gear Efficiency Indicator

Lower weight


We designed DS 3 to show great respect for the world around us, with CO₂ emissions that reflect our high environmental standards with emission levels as low as 94g/km.

Award winning PureTech engines

The PureTech family of 3-cylinder engines cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by around 18% compared with previous generation engines (from just 99g/km), with no trade-off in performance. These engines use cutting-edge technology and are both responsive and fuel-efficient.

International Engine of the Year was awarded in 2015, to the 3-cylinder Turbo PureTech engine.

DS 3 delivers a perfect balance between performance and comfort now with the addition of the new BlueHDi diesel powertrains.

For a more economical and ecological drive, your DS 3 comes with a Gear Efficiency Indicator that analyses your driving style and tells you the best time to change up.


As well as strong engine performance, the low environmental impact of DS 3 is down to extensive studies on weight control:

  • We used numerical computation techniques to optimise every aspect of both weight and technical quality.
  • With its limited weight and optimised aerodynamics (Cd of 0.31), DS 3 cleverly manages fuel consumption, and therefore CO₂ emissions.

DS 3
From £ 13,995.00 ?