New DS 4


New DS 4 is a compact hatchback, characterised by its distinctive, purposeful shape. This elegantly cloaks a car that’s rewarding to drive but still comfortable. Its luxurious interior is hand-built by skilled craftsmen yet packed with the latest in-car technology. It demonstrates the DS philosophy of meticulously matching design and technology with comfort.

Key points

  • Avant-garde style
  • Unique presence with DS LED Vision technology
  • Refinement and attention to detail
  • Personalised styling
  • Engines combining refinement, driveability, power and efficiency
  • Dynamic and comfortable driving experience
  • Bespoke technology and connectivity


Unique sculpted shape gives front end style and presence


Distinctive grille merges with LED headlights to create the expressive shape of DS Wings.

A sleek, aerodynamic profile, sophisticated and full of promise


New DS 4 embodies our spirit of avant-garde, its distinctive, purposeful shape elegantly delivering a car that's rewarding to drive but still comfortable.

It demonstrates the DS philosophy of meticulously matching design and technology with comfort.


Striking from every angle


View New DS 4 from the side and you see a car with a purposeful, athletic attitude. Sitting close to the ground gives New DS 4 a sportier stance and makes the handling more dynamic too. This is emphasised by sharply creased flanks and well defined haunches.

At the rear of New DS 4 the lights have been designed to add a touch of glamour. In addition to looking fantastic the LED strips help make the car more visible, thereby ensuring our use of technology keeps you as safe as possible.


Sixty years after the original DS, New DS 4 continues to demonstrate pioneering design, technology and comfort.

Unique front end presence


The distinctive grille helps to create a uniquely expressive style

  • Vertical design and centred DS logo, merging with LED headlights to shape DS Wings
  • Hexagonal shape – a nod to the original DS – shows elegance and personality
  • Sculpted and sophisticated shapes, enhanced by a chrome-finished surround

Expressive gaze

Like DS 3 and New DS 5, New DS 4 boasts a lighting technology that we call DS LED Vision.

  • Combines LED technology with a Xenon module to produce a wide, deep beam that reduces eye strain at night but uses less energy
  • Headlights follow steering to light up corners, a technology DS pioneered
  • Scrolling LED indicators, stylish, clear and efficient


Refinement and attention to detail are keywords of DS. New DS 4 is no exception to the rule, with great care applied to every detail.

Interior sophistication

Meticulous attention to detail is reflected in the use of authentic materials, so that the sophistication of the interior is immediately evident.

The DS 'watchstrap' leather finish is exclusive and beautifully detailed, to give a uniquely sumptuous air to the cabin.


The personality of New DS 4 shines through when you personalise your car with one of four contrasting roof colours. And rather than using the join for this where the roof creases, or the tops of the doors are, the transition between colours is on a flat piece of bodywork and it takes five technicians seven hours to achieve a perfect finish. We think it's worth this extra effort because going that bit further gives you an even more stunning car.

Also, enabling you to choose a roof colour that contrasts with the rest of the car means New DS 4 can be ordered in 38 combinations of colour. It allows you to make your car stand out from the crowd – even more than it already does.


Nothing is too beautiful for you

Functional beauty is a point of difference for DS.

New DS 4 is available with three different grades of leather, one of the widest choices you can get. The semi-aniline leather, which features in the DS 'watchstrap' finish is the finest available in cars, combining durability with an authentic natural appearance. Whichever grade of leather you specify, it will have been through our painstaking 21 hour process to ensure its feel, smell, colour and look meet our exacting standards.


At the hub of New DS 4 is a new seven-inch touchscreen, recognising that technology is now central to all of our lives.

The touchscreen allows you to control many of the major functions in New DS 4 and DS 4 Crossback. This is a safe, intuitive way of accessing items such as satellite navigation and smart phone connectivity. It also controls various settings enabling your car to be just how you like it. The touchscreen is intuitive and ensures life on board New DS 4 is comfortable, safer and most importantly connected.


Modern equipment and new connected services

Blind Spot Monitoring

Latest-generation safety equipment in New DS 4 enhances visibility. Blind-spot warning alerts you, via an indicator light, to vehicles you may not be able to see in the mirrors.

DS Connect Box SOS and Assistance

DS Connect Box SOS and Assistance is a secure and free system available 24/7, functioning via an integrated SIM card. Geo-location software will automatically alert the emergency services in the event of an accident, or at the push of a button if an emergency situation is witnessed. Assistance services are also available at the press of a button.

Lane Departure Warning

The lane departure warning system on New DS 4 concentrates on the road, even if you have a momentary lapse in concentration.

Reversing camera

The touchscreen in New DS 4 doubles as a monitor for the camera that's activated when you engage reverse gear. Colour images will then help you to manoeuvre in complete safety using visual points of reference.

Intelligent Traction Control

While you’re enjoying the ride in New DS 4, Intelligent Traction Control will be monitoring throttle input, gradient and wheel slip. It then automatically brakes each front wheel independently to provide optimum grip. This guarantees maximum control whether you’re on a green lane, crossing a muddy pot-holed car park or encountering an icy road.

Heat and Massage Function

Slip into the seats of New DS 4 and it’s easy to feel at home. They’re designed to hold you tight so you can explore the DS 4’s driving dynamics in complete comfort. Leather seats in the front are specified with a heat and massage function to make long journeys fly by.

Keyless Entry and Start

A host of convenience technologies make life easy with New DS 4. Keyless entry and start means you can unlock and start the car without taking the 'key' out of your pocket.

Directional lighting

DS LED Vision headlights will follow the steering to light up corners as you drive, a technology pioneered by DS.

Automatic air conditioning with Rest function

Once you arrive at your destination, you may appreciate that New DS 4's dual-zone air conditioning has a 'rest' function. This maintains cabin temperature for a few minutes after the engine is turned off for maximum comfort.

Gear change indicator

For efficient, economical driving, your New DS 4 is available with a gear change indicator that monitors your driving and suggests the best moment to shift up to a higher gear.

Tyre pressure sensors

This system automatically monitors tyre pressure when the car is in motion, detecting any low pressure that could impinge on the stability and safety of the vehicle.

Travelling well-being and comfort

Unique, compact design but with room for five and practical, spacious boot:

Streamlined dimensions

Comfort , Safety & Storage

Hi-Fi acoustics

The sophisticated and streamlined dimensions of New DS 4, ensure it is dynamic and agile but with reduced wind resistance to maximise fuel efficiency and minimise CO2.

New DS 4 seats five people in style and comfort and tailgate, easily folding rear seats and spacious boot ensure practicality.

Functional load space can be adapted to your needs by using 60/40 split in the rear seats.

New DS 4 can be further equipped with an optional hi-fi system by Denon including:

  • 2 extra speakers (central speaker and subwoofer in the boot)
  • 6 high-performance speakers to boost the in-car listening experience.

Sound quality is greatly enhanced, through impressive depth, purity and precision.

New DS 4
From £ 19,495.00