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On-board acoustics

The Citroën C3 dampens out vibrations and noise from the engine, road, and even wind to make for a smoother and quieter ride. The engine compartment and doors have been treated with soundproof casing to further enhance the comfortable cocoon effect on-board the C3; one that creates a sense of quiet ambience.
Acoustique à bord de la nouvelle Citroën C3

Ambient Lighting

By day the Citroën C3 has its panoramic Zenith windscreen (standard on Exclusive, optional on VTR+ models) to create a subtle and welcoming interior. By night, there's mood lighting on Exclusive models with a dimmer switch, and passenger controlled artificial light sources throughout the cabin. And if you opt for the Zenith windscreen and Visibility pack, the Citroën C3 comes with three white LEDs lighting up the central console area. 
Eclairage d'ambiance à bord de la nouvelle Citroën


The Citroën C3 features an advanced Hi-Fi system that delivers an exceptional acoustic performance. The system includes a third central speaker on the dashboard and an amplified subwoofer in the boot. And if you want to travel with your own music library, the Connecting Box on VTR+ and Exclusive models lets you connect your MP3 player or USB key directly. For all your directional needs you can make getting lost a thing of the past with Citroën's optional eMyWay navigation system. The 7" colour screen fully maps the UK and Europe and also offers live traffic information and a Bluetooth® hands-free system. 
Système Multimédia de la nouvelle Citroën C3
Système Multimédia de la nouvelle Citroën C3
Système Multimédia de la nouvelle Citroën C3

Driver Assistance

For an even more relaxed drive the Citroën C3 boasts a full range of helpful driving aids; C3 wants to make your driving life easier. For a more ecological and economical drive he Gear Efficiency Indicator (GEI) gets to know your driving style and lets you know when it’s best to change up a gear (manual engines only). There's also a reversing camera, which is connected to the eMyWay navigation system that starts automatically as soon as you select the reverse gear - making reversing manoeuvres that much easier. To enhance your drive in every condition the C3 also comes with a cruise control and speed limiter, automatic rain-sensitive windscreen wipers and automatic illumination of headlamps.
Aides à la conduite à bord de la nouvelle Citroën
Aides à la conduite à bord de la nouvelle Citroën