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Over 15 years of engineering and technological engine innovation has gone into your Citroën C4. Our advanced HDi engines are beautifully simple and refined and in conjunction with our new generation Stop & Start system and EGS gearbox (Electronic Gearbox System) our HDi engines dramatically reduce fuel consumption without compromising performance.    
The e-HDi 115 Airdream EGS6 can achieve 76.3mpg (combined cycle) and CO2 emissions of just 95g/km, whilst the e-HDi 115 manual VTR+ achieves CO2 emissions of just 97g/km.
All petrol engines benefit from variable valve timing whilst the EGS gearbox lowers pollution whilst achieving up to 5% more economy than a standard manual gearbox system.                                                  

Our innovative Stop & Start system puts your C4 engine into idle mode as you decelerate and stops all together as you come to a halt. The moment you release the brake the engine starts again with no noise, and without any further interaction from the driver. The result? A decrease in CO2 emissions by approximately 5g/km and a 15% reduction in fuel consumption when you're driving in the city.


Choose between four highly efficient and powerful diesel engines for your perfect Citroën C4; HDi 90, e-HDi 115 manual, e-HDi 115 Airdream EGS6 and the HDi 150 6-speed manual. These common rail engines benefit from 15 years' experience in engineering state-of-the-art efficient diesel technology and thanks to high-precision direct injection, they allow for CO2 emissions of between 95g/km and 130g/km.

  Four petrol engines; the VTi 95, VTi 120, e-THP 130 and THP 155, are available. They all benefit from variable valve lift and timing, which guarantees outstanding efficiency and allows for immediate response even on lower gear ratios. Emissions and fuel consumptions for Citroën C4 engines are among the best in the segment, with 110g/km for the e-THP 130 6-speed manual and 148g/km for the THP 155 EGS6.


Conscious that the components that make up your typical car, like; steel, glass, or fluids are already widely recyclable and recycled, Citroën has now ensured that an increasing share of plastics comes from sustainable sources. The result is that 15% of Citroën C4’s 200kg of polyamide components are made using ‘green’ materials: recycled plastics, natural materials (plant fibres, wood) and bio-materials (polyamides stemming from non-fossil renewable sources).  However we haven't forgotten the other 85%! With Citroën C4 we have created a vehicle that is 85% recyclable.


Efficiency and performance from a lightweight vehicle with no compromise on engineering or standards; that's the philosophy behind Citroën C4.

No effort and industrial investment has been spared to optimise weight and quality. The innovative laser welding on the roof has enabled a saving of 2kg compared to traditional assembly techniques and a thinner rear hatch window cuts weight by 1kg. Even the steering wheel and alloy wheels have been optimised to save a total of 4.5kg versus the previous generation C4. This 'no compromise' philosophy allows this Citroën C4 to be roomier than the previous generation C4 yet lighter and better equipped.