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Driving aids

Hill-start assist

No more hill starts! The hill-start assist function works with the electric parking brake to keep your C5 Tourer steady for two seconds when you release the brake pedal on a slope of over 3%.
Animation aide au demarrage en pente C5 Tourer

Parking assist

Make easy work of tricky parking manoeuvres with inbuilt parking sensors. They sense any obstacles, sound a beep, and show you how close you are to other cars and objects on the on-board computer screen - essential for those city drives. 
Animation aide au stationnement C5 Tourer

Parking space gap measurement system

The parking space gap measurement system works with the parking sensors to help you park neatly and easily. It tells you whether the space is big enough and lets you know how difficult it will be to park on a difficultly scale. 

Cruise control and speed limiter

Cruise control keeps your C5 Tourer at a set speed when you take your foot off the accelerator while the speed limiter keeps the car within the limit you choose. And both can be easily turned off by pressing hard on the accelerator or via a button on the steering wheel. 
regulateur de vitesse C5 Tourer
regulateur de vitesse C5 Tourer

Electric parking brake

For added convenience; standard on all C5 Tourer's with Hydractive 3+ suspension, the electric parking brake calculates how much force is needed to keep the car stationary. It's easily activated using a button on the central console and comes on automatically when you stop the engine and shuts off when you put the car in motion.