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HDi technology

15 years of development have gone into our Citroën HDi engines and they set the benchmark in their category for CO2 emissions and fuel consumption when compared to conventional diesel engines. They cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 20% by using an electronically controlled system that optimises the air/fuel mix.

Particulate filter

The Diesel Particulate Filter System (DPFS) on the HDi engines helps protect the environment by trapping and burning particles produced by the engine. This means that the particulate emissions of the Citroën C5 drop to barely measurable levels that are beyond even future EU environmental standards.

e-HDi micro-hybrid technology

e-HDi micro-hybrid technology combines an HDi engine with our new-generation Stop & Start system to help recover energy during deceleration. It means you can limit your fuel consumption and negative environmental impact without any trade off in performance or driveability. And it's so easy to use; whenever you stop, the engine simply cuts out, As soon as you release the brake pedal the engine starts up automatically. 
logo C5 eHDi

Sustainable development

The Citroën C5 is built at our Rennes site in France where we’ve invested heavily in the environment and in sustainable development. Our industrial facilities use the latest technologies and the site has and ISO 14001 certification. The ISO 14001 certification is an external environmental management standard that helps organisations to limit negative environmental impact during production.