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Créative Technologie


The 'Créative Technologie' signature of the Citroën brand is expressed to the full in the New Grand C4 Picasso. One of the main illustrations of it is the 7" touch screen. Fully intuitive, digital and ergonomic; it provides easy access to all vehicle functions. The seven touch-sensitive buttons give you access to the audio and media system, Bluetooth® hands-free kit, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, navigation, driving aids and Citroën Multicity.


Alongside the 7" touch screen, the New Citroën Grand C4 Picasso can also be fitted with a 12" high-definition display in the top part of the dashboard. This customisable screen shows all the driving information you need every day in an easy to read layout. Simply select your required graphic style to display your chosen driving aids or navigation information in HD. And with a USB key you can even have a personal photo as wallpaper.


The reversing camera above the rear registration plate of the New Citroën Grand C4 Picasso provides extended vision to help you with manoeuvres. When put into reverse, a rear view of the car is displayed directly on the 12" HD or 7" touch screen (depending on the version), with colour guidelines to provide assistance and to show how close you are to any obstacles.


Whether parking at an angle or in reverse, the Park Assist system on the New Citroën Grand C4 Picasso helps you to find a suitable parking space. When a parking space has been identified, Park Assist guides you, managing the steering wheel automatically to enable you to park easily. You control only the acceleration and braking. And to assist you even more in all your manoeuvres, Park Assist also helps you get out of parking spaces.


Bring the world into your car by connecting your smartphone and other portable audio items to the 12 volt and USB sockets. Take full advantage of the JBL® Hi-Fi system with its Arkamys sound spatialisation function and eight loudspeakers, delivering an exceptional level of sound quality!


360° vision technology uses four cameras placed discreetly around the New Citroën Grand C4 Picasso, showing a bird’s-eye-view on the 12" HD display.  You gain a 360° view of the car’s immediate environment, extending your own field of vision. A number of views are available with this function for all types of driving situation: a 360° view, a rear view alone or a  panoramic left/right front view to help you see anything hidden when you are leaving a restricted visibility area.


Citroën Multicity Connect is an original range of services developed only for Citroën customers. Connect your New Citroën Grand C4 Picasso to the nationwide 3G network in complete safety. Accessible from the car's 7" touch drive interface, a wide range of apps such as TripAdvisor, Wikipedia, traffic and weather news, social media and email function will make day-to-day travelling easier.

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