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Economical Engines

Whatever colour you choose for your DS3, it’ll still be green. It’s built to be kind to the environment with its remarkably low CO2 emissions.
- The diesel engines emit less than 100g/km (one model is as low as 91g/km).
- The petrol engines emit between 104g/km and 150g/km.

e-HDi diesel engine

The e-HDi 90 Airdream manual engine is capable of up to 78.5 mpg and CO2 emissions of as little as 91g/km. It has a reversible starter-alternator that works in tandem with an e-booster to provide a seamless Stop & Start function. Going further than other similar systems, the e-HDi's Stop & Start puts the engine into idle mode while decelerating before coming to a complete standstill. This reduces consumption by 15% in urban driving.
Citroën DS3

Particulate Filter

The particulate filter (DPFS) on the e-HDi Airdream engines of Citroën DS3 contributes to environmental protection by trapping and burning the particles produced by the engine.
Particulate emissions were already particularly low with the e-HDi Airdream engine. With the DPFS, they drop to barely measurable levels.
Citroën DS3

Gear Efficiency Indicator

DS3's Gear Efficiency Indicator (GEI) on manual models lets you know exactly which gear is the most efficient and reduces ecological impact and fuel consumption - brilliant!
Citroën DS3

Limited Weight

And Citroën DS3 isn’t just green because of its engine performance. We designed every inch of the car to be as light – yet sturdy – as it could be.
Citroën DS3