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A unique silhouette

The sculpted silhouette features raised, unadorned rear doors and clean lines - Citroën DS4's original layout is appealing and unique in its class.

From every angle, Citroën DS4 looks great - it has been designed to inspire an emotional response. The stunning blend of convex and concave lines gives Citroën DS4 a strong personality.

The raised rear is imposing and robust, a strong contrast with the sleek and sporty front. On the flanks, the glazed sides meld seamlessy into the stretched lines of the body. Citroën DS4 is not burning up the tracks, it is reinventing them.

Distinctive DS line

At first glance, Citroën DS4 affirms its place in the distinctive DS line, alongside Citroën DS3. The DS name guarantees refinement and distinction. It represents our creativity in design and technology.

Citroën DS4's style decisions preserve the exclusivity of the DS line wherever you look. Lighting is just one example - the front and rear lights provide an original signature that is distinctive to us Citroën DS4 is a coherent whole where every detail counts.

Interior design

Citroën DS4's interior layout meets the highest standards. The refinement of each element and the quality of carefully selected materials has created an air of pure elegance.

All the elements of the passenger compartment are practical but still stylish and comfortable: sophisticated graphics, the best quality materials and a harmony of shapes and colours.

The customisable interior means you can create your own ambience.

As soon as you enter the car, the combination of style and practicality makes a strong first impression. From the smooth chrome of the gear lever to the full grain leather of the seats with a design inspired by a classic watch strap, it is a car that you will want to drive.