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Micro-hybrid e-HDi

Citroën DS4 does not make any compromises in design or technology. To offer you an original driving experience, it offers the micro-hybrid technology of the e-HDi engine with a second generation Stop and Start function. This comes with a reversible alternator and an e-booster system that allows the engine to restart immediately in 0.4s.

The e-HDi engine offers remarkable driving pleasure combined with greater environmental friendliness. The micro-hybrid e-HDi technology transforms kinetic energy generated from decelerating into electrical energy and reduces your fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 15% with city driving.

Everyday pleasure

When you are on board Citroën DS4, you have the experience of travelling first class with equipment designed for your wellbeing: massaging front seats with electric lumbar adjustment and a sound system with audio processing software that allows the sound to be space-conditioned.

You can select the on-board ambience that suits you: four ranges of polyphonic sounds for the alarms and warnings, three intensity levels for the air conditioning flow rate and a colour chart ranging from white to blue for the driver's controls.

The programmable cruise control allows you to record speed settings when the car is stationary and they can be selected for use throughout your journey over different speed limits.

Greater serenity

For a truly serene experience, Citroën has installed Créative Technologie innovations in Citroën DS4. To increase visibility when cornering, Citroën DS4 has front fog lamps with static intersection lighting to provide an additional beam of light.

Another innovation is the blind spot monitoring system. This works on the same principle as reversing sensors and indicates the presence of a vehicle entering your blind spot by a pictogram in the door mirrors.