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Hybrid4 Technology

Full Hybrid Diesel

With its first full hybrid drivetrain, Citroën is combining the performance of HDi diesel engines with the efficiency of an electric motor, for lower CO2 emissions (85g/km, when equipped with 17" alloy wheels), four driving modes and new driving sensations: combined maximum power of 200 bhp EEC*, four wheel drive and an electric mode for urban driving and an acceleration booster.

The originality of Citroën's full hybrid technology lies in its ability to combine several technologies: a HDi 160 combustion engine, a second-generation Stop&Start system, an electric motor and a powertrain management unit.

*Aggregate power, at speeds lower than 74 mph.

Multimodal Drive

Hybrid4 technology is designed for multi-mode driving. Using a knob on the central console you can choose from four operating modes: Auto, ZEV, 4WD and Sport.

Auto mode optimise fuel consumption. Sport mode places the emphasis on acceleration and response, with the electric ‘boost’ effect delivering more dynamic acceleration. Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mode lets you opt for the electric motor alone provided that battery charge is sufficient, at speeds of up to 37 mph. And 4WD mode places the emphasis on traction at low speeds.

200 bhp and 85g CO2/km

Citroën’s first hybrid vehicle strikes a remarkable balance between respect for the environment (85.6 mpg combined cycle, 85g of CO2/km when equipped with 17" alloy wheels) and high standards of performance, with total maximum  power of  up to 200bhp*.

The hybrid systems brings breakthrough improvements in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions: a reduction of between 30 and 35%, in the city compared with an equivalent diesel engine, and between 10 and 15% on the road.

*Aggregate power, at speeds lower than 75 mph.