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e-HDi Micro-Hybrid

Citroën DS5 is uncompromising not only on design but also on technology. Bringing you a new driving experience, it is available with e-HDi micro-hybrid technology on the e-HDi 115 version with second generation Stop & Start, featuring a reversible alternator and an e-booster system that restarts the engine again instantly in an incredible 0.4 seconds.

The e-HDi engine combines remarkable driving pleasure with great respect for the environment. The e-HDi micro-hybrid technology turns the kinetic energy linked to deceleration into electrical energy-reducing both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions (by up to 15% in the city).

Intelligent Traction Control

Whatever the type of road or engine, petrol, diesel or Hybrid4, intelligent traction control is a valuable safety aid. Activated on slippery surfaces, the system maximises grip and traction by managing wheel spin.

Coupled with ESP, intelligent traction control ensures optimum vehicle control, even in the most difficult driving situations.

Citroën eTouch

Citroën DS5 also features the Citroën eTouch service as standard on DSport models and optional on DStyle models.This secure, free system is available 24/7 thanks to an integrated SIM card. In the event of an incident or accident, you can make emergency and assistance calls for a quicker response.

Two other services soon to be available on the web: a virtual maintenance manual and EcoDriving function. You'll receive advice on mechanical or safety incidents and on upcoming maintenance operations. You can also track their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Smart beams: Automatic Headlights

On Citroën DS5, the headlights are managed automatically, in line with ambiant lighting and traffic conditions.

A miniature camera built into the interior door mirror manages the automatic headlights, switching them on and off as necessary, in line with ambient lighting and traffic conditions for safer driving at night.

Lane Departure Warning

Citroën DS5 gains the new-generation lane-departure warning system (LDWS) with enhanced predictive capabilities.Using an invisible miniature camera built into the door mirror and a line recognition system based on digital imaging, the system is able to recognise when the car crosses a line and activates a vibrating device in the driver’s seat.

This technology contributes to combating drowsiness at the wheel and increases safety.

Head-Up Display

On board Citroën DS5, technology goes hand in hand with driveability. The colour Head-Up display, a particularly innovative feature, projects essential driving information onto a panel in the driver's direct line of vision.

With the Hybrid4 Airdream version, when the vehicle is in ZEV mode (electric motor alone),  the colour of the display changes from white to blue, encouraging a more eco-friendly driving style.

Reversing Camera

Working with the eMyWay navigation system, the camera sends colour pictures to the navigation screen. The reversing camera simplifies parking manoeuvres, for complete peace of mind.

Static cornering lighting

When cornering at low speeds the front fog lamps with static cornering lighting provide a second light source to increase visibility inside bends or intersections, by up to 75° on the right or left of the vehicle.

This system is activated automatically when the indicators are turned on or when the steering wheel is at an angle of 60°.

Keyless Access and Start

Citroën DS5 is intuitive. With the Keyless access function, it recognises the driver, who simply touches the door handles to open the car. The LED interior lighting then gradually lights up the cabin. You then simply push the START button to start the engine.