We have created Citroën fixed price repairs to surprise and inspire you by spoiling your car with the best expertise and parts at unbeatable fixed prices. Our Fixed Price Repairs cover 10 of the most common repairs your vehicle will need including: brake pads & discs, wipers, timing belt, clutch and batteries.



We know how unpredictable the winter months can be, so make sure your Citroën’s ready for whatever the elements have in store.

For just £29.99 an expert Citroën trained technician will carry out a comprehensive 23-point check covering all of the most important parts of your car, including: Tyres, Lighting, Wipers, Brakes, Exhaust, Battery, Steering and Suspension.

We’ll also check and top up your fluid levels up to 500ml. This includes essentials such as oil, screenwash, coolant, power steering and brake fluid. There’s also free fitting for replacement bulbs and wipers, and we only use Citroën Original and Approved Parts.

When you come in and see us for your Citroën winter safety check we’ll also give you a free Winter Aftercare Kit worth £24.99. The kit includes a collapsible shovel, foil blanket, high visibility vest, wind-up torch and Citroën bag.

To stay safe on the road this winter, scroll down to find your nearest dealer.

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... so make sure you’ve always got one with our Citroën digital DAB radios. They’re designed specifically for your Citroën and deliver crystal clear digital reception everywhere.

You enjoy 100s of extra channels that just aren’t available on FM, pinpoint station selection, tuning by station name and best of all, brilliant sound.

The AUTODAB allows up to 30 preset stations to be stored, integrates with the vehicle's existing display and offers crackle free radio reception

The EZI-DAB does all the above and more. Seamless connections to iPod, iPhone, iPad and USB, pause and rewind live shows and store up to 30 preset stations to enjoy on a digital display with scrolling text information.

The EZI-DAB is available for £284.99 inc. VAT and you can get the AUTODAB for £214.99 inc. VAT. What’s more, if you have your DAB radio fitted by your local Citroën dealer prior to your vehicle’s registration, you'll receive a 3 year warranty.

So feel upbeat and surround yourself in the music that moves you.


Providing you with all the benefits of fixed price servicing – not to mention the expertise that only our trained technicians can deliver – complimentary 3 year/35,000 mile servicing encompasses these key elements:

  • All scheduled servicing
  • Annual service for vehicles on a 2 year service schedule
  • Brake fluid replacement

This hassle-busting offer is available for DS3, DS3 Cabrio, DS4 and DS5 models. Sorted? We’re sure you’ll feel just that.

Terms & conditions apply.

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