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Citroën Berlingo: 200,000 Sales Already

Less than 18 months since launch, third-generation Citroën Berlingo has already generated over 200,000 sales worldwide. In Europe, Berlingo achieved 16% segment share (car and van) in 2019, making a major contribution to the European performance of Citroën – the brand achieved the strongest growth amongst the top 12 carmakers in 2019*.


Since its launch in September 2018, the third-generation Berlingo has already generated more than 200,000 sales (Berlingo and Berlingo Van combined), including nearly 150,000 sales in 2019 – making it Citroën's second best-selling model worldwide, after the C3 Supermini.

Here in the UK, over 20,000 third-generation Citroën Berlingo and Berlingo Van units have been sold so far. Split between more than 4,500 sales of the passenger car version and almost 16,000 Berlingo Vans.

A real hit for the brand in Europe, Berlingo alone achieved a 16% share in its segment in 2019*, with two out of three registrations being for the commercial vehicle version (Berlingo Van), and one out of three registrations being for the passenger car version (Berlingo).

The commercial success of this third-generation Berlingo, means it has contributed significantly to the momentum and success of the Citroën brand, which has achieved the strongest growth amongst the 12 best-selling carmakers in Europe for 2019*.

With its class-leading comfort, intelligent design and driving assistance technologies, the multi-award winning third-generation Berlingo strengthens its appeal through a rich product mix, including:

  • For Berlingo Van
    • Across Europe nearly 80% of models equipped with EXTENSO® Cab (three front seats)
    • Across Europe nearly one in four equipped with Surround Rear Vision and a five-inch screen located in the place of the interior rear-view mirror
    • In the UK, nearly 97% of sales are of the well-appointed ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Driver’ models
  • For Berlingo (Passenger Car)
    • Across Europe nearly 35% of the models equipped with optional interior ambiences
    • Across Europe nearly 40% of the models equipped with rear view cameras with Top Rear Vision (display of a 180° top view behind the car
    • In the UK, 53% of sales on top of the range ‘Flair’ and ‘Flair XTR’ versions

*based on PC+LCV registrations - Europe 30 countries, year 2019