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Geneva Motor Show 2019: Citroën Celebrates 100 Years Of Boldness & Innovation Dedicated To The Freedom Of Movement

On its stand at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Citroën will showcase 100 years of boldness and innovation dedicated to the freedom of movement, and a popular and cheerful automotive experience. The stand will demonstrate:


The Citroën brand’s heritage:

  • Three iconic models bearing the centenary colours: Type A, Traction and 2CV.

The Citroën brand’s dynamism:

    • A modern, strong and harmonious range illustrated, for the first time, by the new ‘Origins’ Collector’s Editions and by the flagship New C5 Aircross SUV. All of the brand’s current models feature bold styling and outstanding comfort, drawing on 100 years of expertise, embodied today by the Citroën Advanced Comfort®
    • A World Premiere for SpaceTourer The Citroënist Concept – a modern and connected concept van with extended mobility thanks to the “Rider The Citroënist by Martone” bicycle. SpaceTourer The Citroënist Concept offers a combined living and working space, perfect for experiencing and sharing thrilling adventures.
    • C3 WRC, which won the Monte Carlo Rally, the brand’s 100th WRC victory.

The Citroën brand’s vision of the future:

    • A World Premiere for Ami One Concept – a disruptive ‘object’ with a distinctive personality – this all-electric two-seater places digital technology at the heart of a new mobility experience in the city. Ami One Concept offers more freedom and peace of mind, in response to new challenges in urban mobility.

The Citroën stand has been designed as a unique living space combining design and comfort, celebrating the brand’s centenary and focusing on the future – from ‘La Maison Citroën’ to the Ami One Concept. The stand features a daily performance of ‘The Place to C’, where Ami One Concept will be moving around freely in front of the crowd.





Since 1919, Citroën’s history has always reflected each era with non-conformist and revolutionary vehicles that have become icons in the hearts of motorists. At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, the brand is re-inventing itself again and unveiling its uninhibited take on an urban mobility ‘object’. Just as the 2CV made the freedom of movement accessible, Ami One Concept frees up urban mobility for everyone and has all the potential to become an urban and popular icon. The key points of the concept:

  • Citroën is perpetuating 100 years of innovation and boldness dedicated to the freedom of movement at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, with the presentation of Ami One Concept, a disruptive all-electric ‘object’ that places digital technology at the heart of a new urban mobility experience, offering more freedom and peace of mind.
  • Faithful to the brand signature ‘Inspired by You’, Ami One Concept is the response to new customer behaviours and the challenges of energy transition in the city.
  • The concept illustrates Citroën's vision of freedom in the city expressed by #LibertyElectriCityMobility
  • Freedom of use for everyone: accessible without a driving licence, Ami One Concept is accompanied by an innovative global digital ecosystem fostering a modern, cheerful and widely accessible mobility experience.The ecosystem re-imagines the customer journey and offers customers ‘on demand’ usage from 5 minutes to 5 years, spanning car-sharing, rental and purchase.It includes a special mobile app that motorists use to manage their relationship with the ‘object’, providing access to a portal of services that simplify each journey.
  • Freedom of movement: city-centre access with an ingeniously designed 100% electric mobility solution that is ultra-compact and agile, offering mobility freedom for two people in an intuitive and connected ‘object’.
  • Freedom to be modern: with an assertive, bold and colourful personality plus a virtuous and symmetrical design, the hip and protective ‘object’ offers enjoyment in the city, along with style and comfort. The concept’s identity and modernity are expressed in a line of special products available at the brand’s e-boutique

Please note: Ami One is a Concept not available to purchase, any production version subject to UK legislation.




Having consolidated its second place position in the European motorhomes market in 2018, the Citroën brand has recorded the biggest growth of any vehicle manufacturer for the last four consecutive years. Citroën now has over 10% market share in Europe in this segment, with registrations up more than 71%. The SpaceTourer – which offers a wide range of conversions – has contributed significantly to this growth. SpaceTourer The Citroënist Concept reflects the 100-year history of a popular brand that has always worked to promote mobility and escape for as many people as possible. It symbolises Citroën’s dynamic approach in the motorhomes market, and is characterised by Citroën’s desire for freedom and sharing.

  • In a World Premiere at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Citroën presents SpaceTourer The Citroënist Concept, a modern van full of character, inspired by the desire for freedom and sharing. It offers a mobile living and working space to experience boundless adventure while staying connected.
  • Its name refers to fans’ commitment to Citroën, whose core identity embodies a striking outline full of character and the promise of journeys in complete comfort.
  • The concept is accompanied by an exclusive bicycle model – “Rider The Citroënist by Martone” – developed in partnership with Martone and incorporating the concept's stylistic values. This bicycle will be available to buy online at along with ‘The Citroënist’ merchandise.
  • Based on a SpaceTourer,this completely new motorhome concept offers a special internal configuration developed with Pössl. It allows two people to sleep in the vehicle, stow a bike and use a connected on-board office.

Citroën’s product momentum is also driven by the iconic nature of the brand, which this year is celebrating its centenary and drawing on its roots and the genius of André Citroën. Reflecting the human spirit, Citroën has demonstrated boldness and innovation since 1919, rewriting the rulebook, and proposing mobility solutions and automotive experiences that are more simple and serene. That reality is embodied more than ever in the brand signature, ‘Inspired by You’.

To celebrate Citroën’s centenary, the stand is showcasing the brand’s glorious past in the shape of three iconic models:

- Type A: The first Citroën to be mass-produced in Europe. The Type A was launched in June 1919.
- Traction: With its revolutionary technical innovations. The Traction Avant opened the way for the modern automobile in 1934.
- 2CV: A symbol of freedom, this popular and non-conformist car was revealed at the 1948 Paris Motor Show. The friendly and economical 2CV won over all types of customers.

Having received a modern-day makeover, these legendary models bear the same ‘Origins since 1919’ signature as the ‘Origins’ Collector’s Editions.




To celebrate its centennial year at Geneva, Citroën is displaying its ‘Origins’ Collector’s Editions, common to several vehicles in the current range (depending on the markets), which carry the Citroën product identity, with a strong styling message and the embodiment of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme. The following models will be exhibited: C1, C3, C3 Aircross Compact SUV, New C4 Cactus Hatch and Grand C4 SpaceTourer.


Citroën is continuing its international SUV marketing offensive with New C5 Aircross SUV. The new flagship is consistent with the latest Citroën models. This new generation SUV, inspired by customers’ expectations, has a unique and strong character. It has unprecedented possibilities for customisation, with 30 combinations for the exterior. Inspired by the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, New C5 Aircross SUV is the most modular and most comfortable SUV in its market segment.

New C5 Aircross SUV will be the first Citroën vehicle to have a Plug-In Hybrid PHEV version, available from the beginning of 2020. This will be the first product in Citroën’s ‘Low Emission Vehicle’ (LEV) marketing offensive, in which the plan is to launch one new LEV every year from 2020 in line with the Core Model Strategy.


New C5 Aircross SUV Plug-In Hybrid Concept is a strong signal towards the brand’s energy transition. Citroën is working towards a product range, which – in addition to highly efficient internal combustion engines and targeted electric vehicles – will be extended from 2020 with 100% electric and rechargeable hybrid vehicles.

The brand will have electrified versions for 80% of the product range by 2023, then 100% in 2025, with a new electrified model every year.

For its centenary, Citroën has designed a brand-new demonstration space with a floor area of over 1000m² highlighting its heritage, current range and future vision. This living space, combining design and comfort in its architecture, enables visitors to be fully immersed in the Citroën ethos.

Two spaces group icons of the past, present and future (including current models, concepts and the C3 WRC) into a new overall experience of mobility. This is demonstrated through an intuitive digital ecosystem represented by a digital experience simulator.


The entrance is through a silhouette in the shape of a house, above which the Bronze ‘Citroën Origins’ logo is suspended. Combining warm materials and understated colours, this area celebrates Citroën’s rich 100-year history. The location for the historic vehicles and ‘Origins’ Collector’s Editions was designed in the shape of large chevrons. The wood finish on the floor testifies to the care devoted to colours and trims, even in the smallest detail. SpaceTourer The Citroënist Concept is also displayed in this space, in an area that reflects this concept, combining natural materials and digital screens. The nearby walls with integrated screens will give visitors the opportunity to navigate around the ‘Citroën Origins’ website showing all historic Citroën models.


Demonstrating a vision for the future, thanks to its design and content. This zone contrasts grey tones with bold colours that reflect those of Ami One Concept: Orange Mécanique and Out of The Blue. Colours that are found on the stand echo the vehicle’s interior and highlight the stand's manifesto: #LibertyElectriCityMobility.

Several things can be discovered in this spacious and colourful area:

  • Unique staging for the all-electric Ami One Concept. A key attraction on the stand, Ami One Concept is showcased on a 14m diameter track with a unique design, providing an unprecedented dynamic display. The concept therefore has its own ‘playground’ mirroring an urban circuit and demonstrates its agile and relaxed mobility. When it is not driving, Ami One Concept is displayed on a podium, with a charging terminal among the bold decor.
  • Citroën presents its Ami One Concept with a ‘Customer Digital Experience Simulator’. This points to a potential urban environment for Ami One Concept and provides information about the ‘object’. With Ami One Concept, Citroën intends to place the digital at the heart of a new ultra-accessible mobility experience that is intuitive and adapted to the needs of everyone. The tool displayed on the stand allows you to put yourself in a customer's shoes and experience their specific needs.
  • Citroën is reflecting the experience of last year’s Paris Motor Show by placing the visitor at the heart of the stand, featuring a tiered Arena with cosy, colourful armchairs. Visitors can watch live performances of ‘The Place to C’, repeated four times per day on public days, in which a dancer will perform in time with images broadcast on a screen. This is the ideal location to watch Ami One Concept in action.

LE PETIT CITROËN: At the centre of the stand, Citroën has redesigned its ‘Le Petit Citroën’ Boutique, turning it into a friendly, interconnected place to be. Dedicated to both children and adults, this lifestyle boutique has fun and innovative merchandise on offer. Also on display is a collection of accessories in centenary colours, plus those of Ami One Concept and ‘The Citroënist Est. 1919’. Another innovation to find or rediscover is SEETROËN, the first glasses to eliminate travel sickness. All of these items are also available online at

Visit the ‘La Maison Citroën' stand (No. 6271) on 7 to 17 March.