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The Advertising Legend Jacques Séguéla Retraces 100 Years Of Citroën Advertising

Citroën has revealed a new collector’s edition of the book ‘100 ans de Publicité Citroën’ (‘100 Years of Citroën Advertising’), written by advertising legend Jacques Séguéla. The book will be available on the Citroën lifestyle e-shop: Two other books focusing on the history of the brand are also available which highlight the people, innovations and designs that have made Citroën one of the most celebrated brands in the world.


Its iconic designs, technical innovations and bold individuals have all helped Citroën become a leading marque, revolutionising the automotive industry since 1919. Since the inception of the brand, André Citroën devised a very innovative way of communicating his vision and has made history with his experimental advertising design. Notable examples include an aeroplane writing the Citroën name across the Parisian sky, the Eiffel Tower being illuminated with the Citroën name and big events such as the legendary Croisière Jaune and Croisière Noire (the ‘Yellow Cruise’ and ‘Black Cruise’ respectively). This taste for inspiring brand communication has continued long after the death of its visionary founder. Over 100 year of classic models and resounding speeches, Citroën has carved out a special place in customers’ imaginations.


In ‘100 Years of Citroën Advertising’ (Publisher: Flammarion), published in French and English, Jacques Séguéla, who has accompanied the Citroën brand for many years, re-discovers the French marque through its advertising. “This book is a biopic, the true novel of a brand above all others and a man above all men. André Citroën invented almost all forms of advertising: promotion, credit, PR, events, publicity cars, rallies, not to mention the first car ad, the first female ad and the first aerial advertising. He wanted the first three words spoken by every child to be “Daddy, Mummy, car”. The public will change its slogan into “Daddy, Mummy, Citroën”. Is there a more beautiful tribute to a brand? It was my first budget, as well as my first love; it still is, sixty years later. The brand of my life, my brand for life has, in its own way, written the most beautiful industrial and advertising pages of the last century, those where France astonished Europe and the world with its thirst for progress and hunger for conquest. The adventure continues with the same passion of inventiveness and creativity that makes Citroën the favourite car brand of the French.

Organised chronologically and elaborately illustrated, in 252 pages the book covers many themes related to Citroën and the history of the automobile: model design, iconic advertising and major events. The book aims to draw a watermark portrait of France during the twentieth century.

Jacques Séguéla is one of the most famous advertisers in France and co-founded the RSCG communications agency in 1970. In several exclusive videos, he evokes the brand of ‘his’ life and shares anecdotes about the most iconic Citroën commercials


Discover every Thursday a series of videos online, talking about:

  • His world tour in a 2CV
  • The Citroën Visa Advertising that took place on an Aircraft Carrier
  • The Citroën Advertising ‘Les chevrons sauvages’ (wild chevrons)
  • The brand campaign ‘the hitchhiker’

On the occasion of Citroën’s centenary, the lifestyle e-boutique expands its comprehensive range to feature works highlighting the history of the brand and its models:


This book recounts the first hundred years of the brand, marked by creations that have revolutionised the history of the automobile, and is punctuated by outstanding events and personalities.

The authors of ‘100 Years of Citroën‘ (Publisher: ETAI ALBUMS), Serge Bellu, Sylvain Reisser and Olivier de Serres tell this wonderful story. Here, it is not a question of chronology, but of approaching the 100-year history of Citroën through the people and events which mark the brand well-known beyond the world of the automobile in France and worldwide.


The Traction Avant, first created in 1934, paved the way for the modern automobile thanks to its many technological innovations, indeed the model inspired several works of the collector Olivier de Serres including ‘Citroën Traction Avant‘ (Publisher: Le Faune Editeur). It chronologically outlines all the variations of the icon produced between 1934 and 1957. Each model is prefaced by a short blurb, then presented by beautifully-presented captioned lifestyle and detail shots.

All three books can be found on the Citroën Lifestyle e-boutique: