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Citroën Electric Car Technology

Technology is always advancing especially in the motor industry. Electric cars are becoming more popular with longer lasting batteries and versatile designs. Our practical, efficient electric vehicles provide you with the comfort, space and technology you need to make every journey enjoyable and peaceful.

Citroen Electric Cars

Citroën Electric Cars

As we’re all becoming more conscious of taking care of our planet and the environment, electric cars are becoming highly sought after, and more economical. Quieter, less stressful, and zero particulate emissions; there’s a reason why the range of Citroën electric cars is so important and popular.

It’s not just the environmental benefits, and practical design that makes the Citroën electric cars so desirable. They all come with great Citroën technology, so they really stand out from the crowd.

How Do Electric Cars Work?

Electric cars are powered by an electric motor, which in turn is powered by a battery pack. The battery is usually lithium, and as well as the engine, also powers the air conditioning and heating.

Just like with the battery on your phone, laptop or tablet, your electric car needs to be recharged. You charge your battery by using grid electricity, so you can charge it at home.

What you need to know about electric cars

As electric cars are still quite new, we understand that you might have a few questions about them. Charging a car rather than filling it up with fuel is a more environmentally friendly way to get from A to B, without impacting on your driving experience.


Citroen Electric Charging

Charging your electric car is a quick process, meaning taking to the road is just around the corner. With a rapid charger, you can get to 80% capacity in as little as half an hour. If you’re out and about, you can find chargers at motorway service stations, some petrol stations, and charge points in residential areas. 


Citroen C-Zero

Citroën electric cars are kind to the environment, and your wallet. The C-Zero lets you drive 93 miles for only around £1.50 based on expected charging costs. But it’s not just the low driving cost that makes an electric car so attractive. You can also benefit from a government subsidy which gives you a saving on your vehicle.


We love tech that makes life better, which is why our cars are fitted with advanced technology to make driving a real pleasure. Discover our range of electric cars below and the tech that makes them so special.


It’s Z, as in zero fuel, but full in electric tech. You can charge your C-Zero fully over eight hours, or rapid charge it to 80% charge in half an hour. But that’s not all the technology can do, it also helps you save battery every time you slow down. This is because the motor will put charge back into the battery, giving you longer on the road. It has a top speed of 80mph, and is the perfect stylish car for day-to-day activities, covering around 93 miles on a full battery.
Citroën C-Zero - Exterior styling
Berlingo Electric

Citroën Berlingo Electric

Citroën Berlingo Electric is the best way to mix business and pleasure. With a driver and passenger, the boot volume is 3000 litres, and with a large-dimension rear window, loading the boot couldn’t be easier. If you choose the navigation system, you will not only be able to explore new adventures but you’ll also be able to keep an eye on speed and traffic information. If you’re planning on driving in London, you will be exempt from London congestion charges, another benefit of going electric.

Citroën Survolt

Although you can’t actually drive our concept car, the Survolt, it doesn’t mean you can’t marvel over its stunning design and superior technology. It may have a loud and proud look that you just can’t ignore, but its ecological technology and famous Citroën comfort means that it is completely silent on the road due to its all-electric drivetrain.
Citroën Survolt concept car - Transcendent power and excitement