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Citroën Aircross


A blend of power and positive energy! Citroën Aircross is a protective and welcoming SUV. Resolutely optimistic, it removes any form of aggression.


Design Philosophy

Unique Personality


By its overall balance, the concept car, Citroën Aircross (4.58m x 2.1m x 1.73m) suggests both power and determination.

A design for its function


A pure and engaging personality design, through the overall balance of the body styling underscored with flowing forms that are punctuated by strong graphic components, including the Alloy Bump, the Air Signs and Air Curtains.

Vibrant orange!


The positive design is heightened by vibrant orange-red paintwork symbolising energy and serenity.

Sense of comfort


The interior of Aircross immediately suggests a sense of comfort: New materials and a blend of light enhances the occupants well being. Physical comfort is provided by the broad and generous seats.

< class="optiontitle"> 300x385_Aircross_Confort_portrait1.jpg
< class="parttitle">Wellness of the mind <>The well being visually expressed through the bright and colorful world of the cockpit, in harmony with the body color.
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< class="parttitle">Focus on the comfort and a sense of well-being <>The cabin brings a new approach to travel with a modern, bright, fresh and functional design for the occupants’ physical and mental well-being.
< class="optiontitle"> 300x385_Aircross_Confort_portrait2.jpg
< class="parttitle">Welfare body <>The well being of the body is also materialised by "king size" seating .

Technological intelligence

For an extended mobility

With a focus on practicality, occupants are able to choose between a shared and an individual travelling experience. Citroën Aircross is equipped with two 12-inch HD screens, one of which moves across the dashboard so it can be seen by more than just one passenger.


Each seat is equipped with speakers and microphones to encourage dialogue between the occupants. Technological intelligence is also expressed in the choice of the plug-in hybrid drivetrain to combine efficiency and top-level performance.