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2CV 24 hour race Anglesey 2015

The 25th annual 2CV 24 hour race took part in Anglesey on 22-23 August. Team SeaLion was victorious for the second consecutive year! Discover the video below:


After a particularly wet 24 hour race at the Anglesey circuit, 2014 winners Team SeaLion emerged triumphant in the UK Club class, completing no less than 745 laps of the twisty Welsh track in the twenty-four hour period.

It wasn't all plain sailing for SeaLion (Pete Sparrow, Jon Davis, David O'Keeffe and Alec Graham) who actually broke their chassis at one point in the race, but the mechanics managed to fix it in just 17 minutes to avoid the possibility of a non-finish. 2nd place finishers Porky Boys (Richard Lambert, Matt Lambert, Francis Rottenburg, and Steve Jacques) looked like strong favourites for a time, but also had struggles with reliability, succumbing to a broken driveshaft which was fixed after a lengthy stop in the pits, although they still managed 742 laps.

3rd in the UK Class was Rent Boys Racing 2 (Nick Paton, Philip Myatt, Meyrick Cox) who had a strong charge but needed some pit repair time late on, finishing only one lap behind Porky Boys, while 4th was Franglais Racing (Peter Rundle, Ali Topley, Laurent Dallet) - their first time as a team - who completed 739 laps.

The race was incident packed with safety-car periods reaching double figures. Many of the cars suffered problems due to the wet weather and others suffered damage as a result of collisions or from going off-track.

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