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Citroën C4 SpaceTourer and Grand C4 SpaceTourer now on sale in the UK

Citroën has introduced the C4 SpaceTourer and Grand C4 SpaceTourer to its UK range. This follows the brand’s announcement at the Geneva Motor Show that the SpaceTourer name would replace the Picasso name from May 2018. Citroën UK will also introduce a new BlueHDi 160 S&S Diesel engine – paired with a new EAT8 automatic gearbox – to both the C4 SpaceTourer and Grand C4 SpaceTourer from 1 June 2018. This will be the first time this new engine and gearbox combination will feature in the Citroën range, for even greater driving comfort. 

The C4 SpaceTourer and Grand C4 SpaceTourer have officially adopted the ‘SpaceTourer’ name to complete the Citroën MPV range. This use of the ‘SpaceTourer’ signature – as announced at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year – replaces the ‘Picasso’ name and allows the brand to present a new global offering with three MPVs – C4 SpaceTourer (5-seats), Grand C4 SpaceTourer (7-seats) and the original SpaceTourer (5 to 9-seats).

All three models are modern, user-friendly and family-oriented, and allow drivers and passengers alike to travel in comfort, thanks to the latest-generation technologies and the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme.

All three models also benefit from Citroën's know-how in terms of space, practicality and well-being. Built on the EMP2 platform, they all incorporate useful technologies that prioritise safety and make everyday life easier, while offering remarkable dynamic behaviour and efficiency.

From 1 May 2018, C4 SpaceTourer and Grand C4 SpaceTourer also gain new safety equipment. A new ‘Safety Pack’ becomes standard equipment on all Flair versions, which includes Driver Attention Alert, Speed Sign Recognition and Recommendation, and Active Safety Brake.  


An important development from 1 June 2018 will be the arrival of the latest-generation EAT8 automatic gearbox in the C4 SpaceTourer and Grand C4 SpaceTourer. Initially paired with the BlueHDi 160 S&S Diesel engine, the EAT8 automatic gearbox will be paired with other engines later in the year.

This eight-speed ‘Efficient Automatic Transmission’ comes with steering wheel paddles to allow for manual gear changes and is both intuitive and easy-to-use. It offers even more efficiency and everyday comfort, with:

  • Reduced fuel consumption of up to 7% compared to the EAT6, thanks to the two additional gears, better economy with the extension of the Stop & Start function up to 12mph (20 km/h), and improvements in terms of weight and compact design (up to 2kg lighter compared to the EAT6).
  • Improved driving comfort and smoother gearshifts made possible by the optimised exchange of torque between the engine and gearbox. The transition to eight speeds helps reduce the jump between gears at each gearshift.

This new engine and transmission option will be available from 1 June in the C4 SpaceTourer and Grand C4 SpaceTourer.