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Geneva Motor Show debut for new flavours of C1, C4 and C5

The annual Geneva Motor Show, held in an expo centre a short walk from Geneva airport, numbers among the world's must-see motoring events. Every year witnesses the launch of significant and exciting models, and this year's show will be no different. We're absolutely sure of that because we'll be launching some exceptionally exciting models ourselves.

The show, opening in early March, will provide the first opportunity to inspect our New Citroën C4 Cactus in its road-going format, following the car's debut in concept guise late last year. As well as the showroom version, we'll reveal a specially kitted out off-road edition. Highlighting the versatility of the design, the rugged C4 Cactus Aventure concept underscores what a striking alternative our new car offers to conventional, mid-sized hatchbacks.

At the other end of the size spectrum, a new CrossTourer version of our capacious C5 Tourer estate car will also take the stage. Designed to take challenging conditions in its stride, the off-road-style C5 CrossTourer looks ready for action with its 18-inch matt grey diamond – pattern alloy wheels and grey roof bars. The car's capabilities run more than skin deep, of course. C5 CrossTourer offers sophisticated Hydractive III+ suspension that can instantly respond to varying road surfaces, backed up by Intelligent Traction Control, designed to improve drivability on snowy or muddy roads.

Our unique hydropneumatic suspension can also raise and lower the C5 CrossTourer's ride height to cope with lumps and bumps, to lower the sill for easy loading or unloading, and to keep the car level when filled up with people and gear.
Automatic variation of ride height should prove a real boon on rougher roads, with the C5 CrossTourer rising to aid ground clearance when crawling along or hunkering down to improve aerodynamics at speed. An extra 6cm of height is provided at up to 6mph, dropping to 4cm at up to 25mph, further down to 1.5cm until 43mph, and then remaining at the lowest setting all the way through to motorway cruising speeds.

Finally, you'll be able to check out the New Citroën DS 5LS. This luxury vehicle, with the longest wheelbase in the C segment, is about to launch in the Chinese market. It introduces 'Wings', a new visual identity for the DS line, and a variety of luxury lighting, seating and electronic features that make it a premium hatchback.

Alongside these new models there'll also be plenty of other highlights on our show stand at Geneva, including our Citroën C-Elysée touring car, which will contest the 2014 FIA World Touring Car Championship when racing begins in April. You'll also be able to check out our upmarket DS line and all of our C range cars.

We'll also be showcasing our latest PureTech petrol and BlueHDi diesel engines, as we continue our mission to combine increased power and driving flexibility with reduced consumption and lower emissions. So if you want to see Citroën's Créative Technologie in action, be sure to head to Geneva this spring.