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New Citroën Dispatch: For everyday heroes

Launched in 1995 and with a production of nearly 600,000 units, Citroën Dispatch is stepping into a new era and making a true generational leap with New Citroën Dispatch. Harnessing over 80 years' experience in light commercial vehicles, Citroën provides solutions adapted to all motoring uses. An essential partner for professionals, New Dispatch was designed with efficiency and user-friendliness in mind, for easier day-to-day use and greater safety.

The development of New Citroën Dispatch benefited from the finest in Citroën expertise. This know-how informs one of the broadest LCV ranges on the market with four complementary and thoroughly distinct models: Nemo, Berlingo, New Dispatch and Relay.




With its new modular platform, the new-generation Dispatch features an optimised architecture for more practicality, comfort and safety. It boasts latest-generation technologies in driving aids and engines, making it the ideal partner of "Everyday Heroes". New Citroën Dispatch features:

-  flowing and modern design. Characterful styling, both energetic and reassuring

-  an efficient architecture adapted to all needs for greater functionality, practicality and user-friendliness. Dispatch modular platform based on the EMP2 offers up to 1,400 kg in payload and 6.6 m3 of load volume, and can tow up to 2.5 tonnes

-  3 lengths available with, as well as the core-market 4.95 m and 5.30 m versions, an all-new version of just 4.60 m, compact and practical alike. As with the two other lengths M and XL, the XS version has a payload of up to 1,400kg and in combi mode, can transport up to nine people

-  a height of just 1.90 m for XS and M versions, making for easy underground car park access, which is not always true of vehicles in this segment

-  unrivalled modularity in the segment with the Moduwork. To make everyday life easier, the side passenger seat can be lifted up against the partition to provide extra space with a flat floor and the large flap in the partition, offering a useful length of up to 4 m. New Dispatch's adjustable writing panel and tablet and smartphone supports turn it into a real mobile office

-  hands-free sliding side doors. New to the segment, these opening panels make loading and unloading easier when the driver's hands are full with equipment, packages or goods

-  comfort for improved physical and mental well-being, with a welcoming interior, a high-set driving position, and a host of storage compartments. Well-being is heightened through top-flight acoustic treatment and optimal ride comfort

- technologies that make life easier including Top Rear Vision for enhanced visibility when manoeuvring, colour head-up display and CITROËN Connect Nav, with voice-operated connected 3D navigation and a touchscreen

-  technologies for greater safety, including the following functions: adaptive cruise control and speed limiter, road-sign reading and recommendations, Driver Attention Alert and Active Safety Brake