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Just connect your smartphone using a cable and then activate the Mirror Screen mode on your Touch Screen. Once the smartphone is connected to your car, the touch screen display is adapted to be easily used while driving. Your journeys remain safe.


If you have an iPhone, Siri voice recognition can be activated from the Touch Screen of your car or holding the voice control button by the steering wheel. It can also be initiated by the new function of simply saying “Hey Siri”.


* Mirror Screen features are limited to compatible smartphones.

Apple compatibility

Apple apps

Android compatibility

Android apps


The following iPhone are compatible with CarPlay™:


• Iphone 5

• Iphone 5C

• Iphone 5S

• Iphone 6

• Iphone 6+

• Iphone 6S

• Iphone 6S+


Please follow this link for the latest compatible apps and phones for CarPlay™:


Maps: Provides driving guidance instructions turn-by-turn, information on traffic and time of arrival. Maps may also propose destinations from the addresses in emails, SMS, contacts and calendars.


Messages: Sending and receiving SMS by voice command SIRI.


Phone: Make Phone calls, consult messaging. Possible use of the Voice Command by SIRI


Music: Access to the content of the Music app of smartphone. Compatible SIRI voice control


Spotify: Search title, artist or album and listen to it for free. Create and share playlists.


Deezer: Another app used to find and listen to all the music you are looking for... over 40 million tracks.




Stitcher: Free webradio

The following Android smartphones are compatible with Mirror Screen:



• Samsung Galaxy S6
• Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
• Samsung Galaxy S5
• Samsung Galaxy Note 4
• Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
• HTC One (M8)
• HTC 820
• HTC Eye

Sygic GPS Navigation

Sygic Car Navigation: Guides you to your destination with a map installed on your smartphone, involving no Internet connection. Get free new updates several times a year. (Chargeable app)



iCoyote: an app that provides information about speed cameras and traffic incidents in real time. (Chargeable app)




Essence: Allows you to find the cheapest fuel station around you or on your journey. Enjoy more reliable data thanks to daily updates, and refuel at the best price. (Chargeable app)


Parkopedia: Find parking using your current location or by entering an address (Chargeable app)

Weather Crave: Weather forecast app displayed on your touchscreen, allowing a new weather forecasting experience. (Free app)


MiRoamer: Gathers webradio worldwide. Select the radio of your choice by genre, country or language. (Free app).

Audioteka: Enables you to buy audio books. (Free app, purchase of books/magazines)

RockScout: An app that makes participating Android music and audio apps MirrorLink® compatible. Spotify and Vanilla Music are the first apps to join the RockScout portfolio, with other major brands coming on board in the near future. (Free app)


What is Mirror Screen?

Mirror Screen allows you to enjoy your smartphone functionalities on the Touch Screen of your Citroën. Mirror Screen works with Apple CarPlay™ and MirrorLink® to display and use compatible apps from your smartphone on the Touch Screen. It is available on Citroën cars with a 7'' Touch Screen as an option or as standard depending on models. The Mirror Screen feature requires no ongoing subscription.

How do I know if my vehicle can benefit from the Mirror Screen feature?

Mirror Screen is available on the following Citroën vehicles equipped with the 7’’ Touch Screen including Mirror Screen feature: Citroën C1*, New C3 and Berlingo Multispace.

* C1 is not compatible with Apple CarPlay™.


Is Mirror Screen a free service?

It is available as an option or as standard depending on model and specification. There are a range of compatible apps that are both chargeable and free. Mirror Screen uses smartphone data subscription and requires no subscription or additional fee. The smartphone providers terms and conditions apply to roaming charges.


How does the connection between Mirror Screen and the smartphone work?

The connection is made using the original supplied USB cable with the smartphone. We recommend that you first connect your smartphone to the vehicle via the USB cable and press the "Connect" button on Citroën C1 or "MirrorLink®/Apple CarPlay™ button on other compatible vehicles. The applications will be displayed after a few seconds.


Once my smartphone is connected to Mirror Screen, can I use it?

It is forbidden to use your smartphone while driving. That is why Mirror Screen was developed for safe use via the Touch Screen of your vehicle. According to the brand and model of your smartphone, its screen may still switch on.


What is the advantage of Mirror Screen compared to Bluetooth®?

Mirror Screen has several advantages:

•  Mirror Screen allows you to enjoy your compatible applications of your smartphone directly on the Touch Screen of your Citroën.

•  The function “Car Mode” of your smartphone (when available, depending on the smartphone brand) looks great and your Touch Screen looks like your smartphone screen for Music and Phone features.

•  For the Music feature, Mirror Screen displays album covers and information.

• The Mirror Screen connection charges your smartphone and therefore extends its use compared to Bluetooth®.


It is forbidden to use a smartphone while driving. Is this permitted with Mirror Screen?

Using Mirror Screen does not negate the need for the driver to pay attention to the road and maintain perfect control of the vehicle in accordance with the Highway Code.


How to benefit from iCoyote via Mirror Screen?

iCoyote is a chargeable application compatible with Mirror Screen. Once the application is downloaded on your smartphone, you have to connect to MirrorLink® via the settings of the application (activation fee applies). For more information, please visit the website


Should I install a specific application to run MirrorLink®?

The MirrorLink® feature is included in the operating system for compatible smartphones.


Do I need to download the latest operating system update on my smartphone to use MirrorLink®?

We recommend you download the latest available updates. If you have any doubts, please contact your smartphone manufacturer.


MirrorLink® connection does not work: what can I do?

We recommend that you check the following in the "Settings" menu on your smartphone:

•  Make sure you have the latest version of your operating system.

•  Make sure MirrorLink® connection is activated.

•  Ensure that the 3G or better data connection is activated.

•  Download compatible applications MirrorLink® before use.