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Do you remember your first family car from when you were little? It was more than just a car, right? It probably had a name, it definitely had its own personality and quirks, and it was always filled with happiness and laughter! That’s because a great family car becomes, well, one of the family!

In order for us to share real insights, we’ve teamed up with some of the most influential and inspiring Mummy bloggers and their families, giving them the keys to a lovely Citroën C4 Picasso and Citroën Grand C4 Picasso, and sending them off to have some fun. These are perfect cars for these lovely Mummy bloggers to test drive, with Citroën having been voted 'Best Family Car Brand' in the 2017 Mumii awards. Katie, Jen, Jess and Lucy have created blogs, articles and videos to share their thoughts on both cars. Why not set off on your own adventure, where will you go first?



Citroën has been named the best family car brand in the 2017 Mumii Family Awards. The British public voted for Citroën as the overall Gold Winner for its wide range of ‘feel-good’ family cars that they have to offer. Models such as Citroën C4 Picasso and Citroën Grand C4 Picasso were highly rated by the public for comfort, practicality and affordability. Mumii is the go-to place for mums to find innovative ideas and advice for making important family decisions


Katie Ellison


Katie writes Mummy Daddy Me a multi award winning family blog covering their day to day life and travel adventures. She lives in Cambridge with her husband Jon and three children aged 5, 3 and 4 months. Her passions are taking photos, making videos and showing that you can still have adventures and travel the world, even with three little people. 

Jen Walshaw


Jen Walshaw is passionate about crafting and cooking, and can often be found in the kitchen teaching the boys - aged 10 and 11 - to make pizza dough, or making homemade gifts for family and friends. When not up to her eyes in flour or paint, Jen can be found writing about family life at

What they had to say about the cars...

We really enjoyed test driving it for a week

One of our biggest requirements when we were looking into a family car for five was that we could fit three car seats with ISOFIX across the middle. This was because we didn’t like the idea of one of the girls being put at the back and feeling a bit left out. When we were doing our research we found that there isn’t actually all that many cars that allow you to do this. We are at that point in our lives, much to my husband’s disappointment as he still wishes he could have a sports car, that our car needs to be spacious, safe but still a little bit stylish. They are our main requirements.


Citroën recently got in touch with us to see if we would like to test drive the Citroën Grand C4 Picasso for a week. Of course, I replied, thinking it would be nice to drive around in a brand new swanky family wagon for a few days. The Citroën Grand C4 Picasso is a seven seater car, that brings you the essence of Citroën design and technological innovation. [...]

I have to say we really didn’t want to give it back!

For everyone I asked safety was first and foremost in their mind and then there were lots of other things including cup holders, boot space, getting car seats in and then fuel consumption. I have just had an extended test drive of the Citroën C4 Picasso, to put it through its paces and see how it is as a family car and I have to say we really didn’t want to give it back!


The Citroën C4 Picasso is a five-seat family car and is remarkably spacious, perfect for family motoring, especially as it has three full sized seats (with Isofix) in the rear.  It is jam packed with innovative technology to make everyone’s life easier, which was simple to use and made driving so much easier.  The model I test drove had the 120 horsepower start-stop 6-speed diesel engine and it was a real joy to drive with plenty of power (torque for the technical people) in the lower end giving it great acceleration. [...]

Channel Mum team up with talented creators and vloggers to show the honest face of parenting. In addition to Katie and Jess mentioned above, we also have Channel Mum content from two other amazing mums - Jess and Lucy.

Jess Avey


Jess is a pregnancy, parenting and lifestyle blogger at As a step mum to Rhys (3) and Mum to Jasper (2) and her newest baby boy, she's completely outnumbered by boys but wouldn't have it any other way. Jess loves to document their daily lives through photos and videos to show the honest face of modern motherhood.

Lucy Roberts


Lucy is the creative force behind Dear Beautiful. She can generally be found with a camera in her hand, and is passionate about collecting memories and capturing her family's version of happily ever after, through photography and mini movies of their adventures. She lives in rural Essex with her husband Rich, and their three beautiful children Dylan, Everly and baby Ashlyn.

What they had to say about the cars...

Discover Jess' Picasso experience in video


Discover Lucy's Picasso experience in video



Because we all are a little curious, we've asked six questions to Katie, a mum of three children aged 5, 3 and 4 months who experienced Grand C4 Picasso and to Jen, mum of two boys aged 10 and 11 who experienced C4 Picasso. Click on each question tab below to discover their answers.

Katie: "We really thought that Citroën Grand C4 Picasso was great for us as a family. We have three children and as a result, we often struggle with finding a car that is both comfortable, large and that retains a little bit of style. We found that Grand C4 Picasso ticked all the boxes for us, especially in terms of comfort. One thing that was a huge requirement for us, was that we had a car that would fit three car seats across the middle; we didn’t like the idea of having one child in the back as our children are all still quite young. The car did this and there were three isofix points on the middle row, which meant that safety was a priority too.

The car also had a lot of space, especially in the boot, which meant it was ideal for a larger family like ours."

Jen: "Yes, Citroën C4 Picasso is a great car, perfect for using every day during our week from school runs trips to the beach with the dog or to football practice. It was great for the weekly shopping trip when the hands free tailgate came into its own. I found the start stop engine great when driving in town."

Katie: "Most definitely! Citroën Grand C4 Picasso was large enough for our family of five to be comfortable and my husband drove it mostly and said that it was incredibly easy to drive on a long journey. The most we took it out for was for a journey an hour and a half away and it drove like a dream. The tray tables keep the kids amused, the entertainment system means that we can listen to music in style, the car is large enough to fit all the things that a family of five needs (including lots of boot space!) and the panoramic roof makes it a pleasure to drive on a long journey."

Jen: "Yes, Citroën  C4 Picasso is perfect for longer journeys with the cruise control and the blind spot warning lights making motorway driving a pleasure. It is a joy to drive and really responsive. The little things such as an additional mirror so you can see the passengers in the rear make it great for long journeys. The massage option on the front seats is great for long journeys and we loved the leg support on the passenger seats. The fact that air conditioning can be controlled in the rear for the rear of the car is perfect for children to enable them to control their environment. Legroom is also fab in both the front and the rear."

Katie: "I absolutely loved the dual screen, it had a great interface and I loved the fact the sat nav was built in. I also liked there was quite a lot of storage in the car as well, including floor compartments which was great for storing some of the kids ‘essentials’ that they like to pack! The girls loved the seat tray tables with lights as it meant they could draw and have snacks on them.  They also really loved the quirky little features like the touch opening locking and unlocking."

Jen: "I loved all the technological aspects of the car. The rear-parking camera seems like a gimmick at first and your wonder if you will need it, but it makes a huge difference when reversing in to car parks. As a passenger the massage and leg support was fab and my boys constantly tussled as to who would get to rise in the passenger seat."

Katie: "Definitely me! I loved that the Grand C4 Picasso meant that I could use the music from my iPhone - although I must admit myself and the girls like to put the same songs on over and over again, which drives my husband mad!"

Jen: "I would love to say it was me that controls the media and music, however, as the boys get older they do have more of an input. We loved that we could stream for all our Bluetooth devises easily. The DAB radio is also fantastic. I also found it simple to turn off the speakers in the rear, so the boys could listen to their own music with their headphones if they chose to."

Katie: "One of our dreams is to drive around Europe, going to places like Switzerland. I would love to drive the car around the mountains and all the stunning scenery round there, stopping off to take all the beauty in."

Jen: "We decided to out this to a vote as a family and we decided it would be the perfect car for a holiday to France. There’s lots of room for baggage and plenty of space inside for the journey. It would be so much fun on the journey and perfect for day drips once you arrived."

Katie: "There is so many, but if I had to choose, I would definitely say that although it is a large car it still felt stylish and not like you were driving a huge bus!"

Jen: "It’s versatility. It is fabulous car to drive, not only on the motorway, but also in an urban and rural environment. I know that my children are safe in the back, so I can concentrate on driving."