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Citroën is giving you the chance to enjoy your Perfect Day!

Who’s the happiest person you’ve ever met? We can all remember those who have brightened our day with a kind word or unsuspecting gesture and often inspire the rest of us to live our lives with a different perspective.


We travelled across the UK and found the most feel good people the nation has to offer! Together, their experiences across 24 hours form ‘Citroën’s Perfect Day’.


Your Perfect Day starts here! We're offering everyone the opportunity to enjoy any Citroën vehicle with a 24 hour test drive. The only question is…where will you go?

Meet our Happy People

Maxine Jones


A high-energy Fitness instructor like no other, Maxine runs her classes to remove inhibitions, fuel adrenaline, and plaster smiles over everyone’s faces. Through her unique, interactive techniques, Maxine is able to inspire a sense of community, self-belief and fun for everyone who comes into contact with her!

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Spandy Andy


A twinkle toed explosion of fluorescent energy, Spandy Andy delights in dancing with the unsuspecting public in very public locations in an effort to brighten up their day. Every conversation Andy has, every journey he takes, every movement he makes, is for one reason only - to make other people happy.

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Solomon Smith


A larger than life character with a larger than life purpose, Solomon is the celebrated founder of the Brixton Soup Kitchen. He fills his days helping those less fortunate by providing food and community to all those who need it…and ensures that everyone comes away with a smile on their face.

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Lauren Morton


Lauren has run five marathons in a week and is currently rowing the Atlantic with Team ‘Row Like A Girl’. She is an adventurer who prides herself on pushing herself to her limits, confident that her effusive, positive outlook on life will inspire others to conquer insurmountable summits.

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Anna Whitehouse


Better known as parenting blogger Mother Pukka, Anna is a journalist, editor and mother who embraces the trials and tribulations of motherhood by putting fun at the centre of the parenting experience. She recognises that those first few years are precious and shares her eventful, happy and often hilarious journey with her ever expanding group of followers!

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Alistair Hodgson


A British National Freestyle Skydiving champion, Alistair has defied expectations ever since losing both his legs in conflict. The epitome of triumphing in the face of adversity, Alistair has evolved to become one of the world’s best skydivers and his poignant, remarkable outlook on life moves everyone he comes into contact with.

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Danny Bent


Author, journalist, one of the 50 most inspirational people in London and one of the 100 happiest people in the UK, Danny is a man who lives life to the full and wants to bring everyone along with him! To that end he founded Project Awesome, an innovative fitness movement designed to find ‘the chinks of rainbow in the predominantly grey London’.

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Kath Brown


Beloved by her community, lollipop lady Kath is a ray of sunshine on the rainiest of days. Whether it’s with a kind word or a lively dance, she lifts the spirits of her entire neighbourhood with her positive, endearing demeanour. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference.

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Amanda Owen


Eight children and a flock of over 1000 sheep would be too much for most people. But Amanda lives her life as a throwback to times gone by, finding pleasure in the beauty of nature and the joy of participating in a profession that is as old as the ancient land she lives in.

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Lauren Pears


Lauren followed her dream to start her own business and brought a few friends to help her out along the way. Her Lady Dinah’s Cat café contains a distinctive blend of cosy environment, regular classes, and constant interaction with a large number of feline friends…it is the UK’s first 'cat café'.

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Old Men Grooving


Fans of Britain’s Got Talent may be familiar with this quintet. They are a lithe, athletic dance troupe who also happen to be four Dads and a Grandad. They take to the stage on a daily basis, amazing audiences with their hip hop moves and age-defying routines. Inhibitions are a distant memory to this group of likeable unlikely lads, and they spread joy to all who see them in action.

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Nick Weston


Nick has swapped the concrete jungle for a rural forest, and he has never been happier. A true adventurer, our Sussex Bear Grylls lives off the land, has built his own tree house and is the embodiment of a man who is at one with nature.

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