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How to Participate – To nominate yourself and/or a third party as a potential beneficiary of the Prize, entrants must follow the instructions outlined on the social media post on Citroën UK’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  All valid entries received between 04/06/19 at 00:01 GMT and 31/07/19 at 23:59 GMT will be reviewed and one (1) winner will be selected by Citroën UK to receive the Prize. Entrants can self-nominate or choose to nominate a third party.  The winner will win a new Citroën C3 Origins vehicle (“Prize”).

This Prize Draw is free to enter - no purchase is necessary.

Entry shall constitute your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and your agreement to be bound by them.

1. Promoter

The promoter of this Prize Draw is Citroën UK Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with company number 191579 whose registered office is Pinley House, 2 Sunbeam Way, Coventry, CV3 1ND (“Citroën UK”).

2. Entry Requirements

This Prize Draw is open to all UK residents aged 18 and over at the date of entry with a personal Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. Proof of age and proof of UK residency may be required. Nominees are also subject to these requirements.

Employees (or family members of employees) of any group company of Citroën UK, any company or person connected with the administration of this Prize Draw, any companies or persons involved in the sale of Citroën UK's products, including but not limited to Citroën dealers may not enter this Prize Draw.

Entry into this Prize Draw is free and there is no limit to the number of nominations that one person can make in respect of different individuals.

Citroën UK will not be liable for entries that are not received and/or are incomplete, corrupt or delayed for any reason. Entries must not be sent in through agents. Incomplete, inappropriate, indecent, illegal, fraudulent or corrupt entries will be disqualified.

Any entrant taking part or attempting to take part in the Prize Draw, who is in violation of these Terms and Conditions or who acts in an unfair manner in relation to other entrants (in particular but not limited to, being involved in the organisation of the Prize Draw, cheating, hacking, misleading or using any other unfair method such as pestering, abusing, threatening or harassing any other entrant, Citroën UK and/or one of its agents or representatives) or otherwise in our opinion fraudulently falsifying data or acting fraudulently or dishonestly, will be disqualified from the Prize Draw.

In the event that the entrant and/or winner does not meet these entry requirements, Citroën UK reserves the right to disqualify the entry, award the Prize to another entrant and/or require that the Prize, if already awarded, is returned to Citroën UK.

3. Period of Participation

Entry into this Prize Draw will be open from 00:01 GMT on 04/06/19 to 23:59 GMT on 31/07/19. Entries made outside of these periods shall not be eligible.

4. Terms and Conditions of Participation

To take part in the Prize Draw, entrants must:

(i) have/or know someone with parental responsibility for a child born between 00:01 GMT on 01/06/19 and 23:59 GMT on 07/06/19 called any of the following:-  “André”, “Andre”, “Andrew”, “Andree”, “Andrée” or “Andrea” (“Baby”); and

(ii) log on to their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account and send a private message to Citroën UK before the closing date nominating either themselves in their capacity of having parental responsibility for the Baby, or a third party who has parental responsibility for the Baby, to win the Prize by confirming the name of the Baby, the date and time of birth and the name of the individual(s) with parental responsibility for the Baby.

To be eligible to win the Prize the entrant and/or the nominee must have parental responsibility for the Baby.

Citroën UK will ask entrants to send a copy of the birth certificate before midnight on 31/07/19 in order to validate the entry. Unless a reply is received from an entrant within the stated deadlines, Citroën UK reserves the right to disqualify that entry.

Any costs incurred by entrants as part of entry into the Prize Draw and/or accepting the Prize will not be reimbursed by Citroën UK. 

Where an entrant is nominating or making an entry on behalf of a third party, the entrant warrants to Citroën UK that the entrant has gained the consent of the nominee to provide the nominee’s personal details (full name, Baby’s full name, postal address, email address and telephone number) to Citroën UK for the sole purpose of this Prize Draw.

Nominees (whether self nominated or nominated by a third party) must have either a personal Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account as the winner will be notified through one of these platforms. 

5. Prize

There will be one (1) winner selected across the Citroën UK official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The Prize will be awarded to the individual with parental responsibility for the Baby.

The Prize is a new Citroën C3 Origins vehicle personalised with the Baby’s first name.

The winner will not be able to obtain the value of the Prize in cash or request the exchange of the Prize for other products or services. The winner cannot transfer or sell the Prize within six (6) months of receiving the Prize.

6. Selecting the Winner

From the entries received before the closing date, Citroën UK will check that these Terms and Conditions have been observed.  Citroën UK will collate all valid entries into a spreadsheet and one (1) winner will be chosen randomly by a computer process using a number generator.

The Prize does not have to be accepted.

7. Informing the Winner

The successful nominee (whether self-nominated or nominated by a third party) will be contacted by Citroën UK by an inbox message to their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account by 07/08/19. The successful nominee must then reply to the message and send their postal address to Citroën UK before midnight on 14/08/19. If the successful nominee does not reply by this deadline, the Prize will be forfeited and Citroën UK will be able to award the Prize to another nominee.

The Prize will be made available to the winner within 3 months from 31/07/19.

Citroën UK will announce the winner on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts by tagging the winner. 

The winner’s name and county can be obtained by sending a stamped addressed envelope to Citroën UK, Pinley House, 2 Sunbeam Way, Coventry, CV3 1ND within one month of the closing date of this Prize Draw.

8. Image rights

Citroën UK will require the winner and/or entrant to take part in all reasonable pre-event and during event filming, and post-event publicity on social media platforms, national website and press requested by Citroën UK.

The winner/ and or entrant consents, by taking part in this Prize Draw, to giving Citroën (the global brand) the limited and non-exclusive right to use, reproduce, display and publish their image, on the following media: digital display, new media on the internet, with or without purchasing space, including all websites (regardless of the country of publishing or of receipt of the operation) of Citroën UK and other Citroën UK group companies, Citroën UK’s Advertising Agency and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, in all formats, in particular the still and animated images from the operation, banners, digital articles, sponsored posts, animated gifs, use via the different functionalities of the aforementioned sites such as moveable displays and stories.

These rights are given to Citroën UK and Citroën UK’s Advertising Agency globally for a duration of 1 (one) year from 7 June 2019. 

9. Personal Data

Citroën UK will collect and process the personal data of entrants and nominees. Any personal data relating to an entrant and/or nominee will be used in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Citroën UK will use entrants' information and any information provided by the entrant for the purposes of the administration of Prize Draw and in particular the selection of a winner and the awarding of the Prize. Such processing may involve the processing of personal data by third parties in the EU for the purposes of administering this Prize Draw. Where entrants are nominating a third party, entrants must have consent from the third party to provide the personal details of that third party (full name, Baby’s full name, postal address, email address and telephone number) to Citroën UK for the purpose of the Prize Draw, such purpose to include editorial purposes in any format or media (without additional consent being required and/or necessary). By entering this Prize Draw, entrants give permission to Citroën UK to use any details used in their entry for the Prize Draw and or/editorial purposes in any format or media without additional consent being necessary.

The personal data of entrants and/or nominees will be kept for the time necessary for the organization of the Prize Draw and the awarding of the Prize and will be deleted within three (3) months from the end of the Prize Draw.

10. Liability

In so far as is permitted by law, Citroën UK, its agents or distributors will not in any circumstances be responsible or liable to compensate the winner and/or entrant or accept any liability for any loss, damage, personal injury or death occurring as a result of taking up the Prize, except where it is caused by the negligence of Citroën UK, its agents or distributors or that of their employees. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Citroën UK does not accept responsibility for network, computer, smartphone, hardware or software failures of any kind or problems with the social media platforms which may restrict or delay the sending or receipt of any entries. Citroën UK does not accept liability for any system failures, network errors, website unavailability, hacks on the system, personal computer issues or any other issue out of its reasonable control.

All entrants accept that Citroën UK reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Prize Draw, without notice and liability to any entrant and/or nominee.  Citroën UK’s decision is final in every situation (including any not covered by these Terms and Conditions).

This Prize Draw is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Entrants understand that they are providing their information to Citroën UK and not to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The information provided by entrants will be used in accordance with Citroën UK's Privacy Policy as set out at   https://www.citroë .

11. Applicable Law

This Prize Draw and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law. Entrants irrevocably agree that the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with this Prize Draw.