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New Cars & Vans

Discover the full Citroën range here including new cars, vans and our truly original DS Line. The choice is yours.

Citroën Range


From £16,416 *

New C1

From £7,995 *


From £8,995 *

New Berlingo Multispace

From 13,355 *


C3 Picasso

From £11,485 *

New C4 Cactus

From £12,990 *

C4 New Range

From £13,645 *

C4 Picasso

From £18,270 *

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

Grand C4 Picasso

From £19,970 *

c5 saloon

C5 Saloon

From £24,150 *

C5 Tourer

From £25,260 *

Dispatch Combi

From £23,855 *

DS Range

DS 3

From £ 13,295.00 *

DS 3 Cabrio

From £ 15,295.00 *

DS 4

From £ 18,695.00 *

New DS 5

From £25,980 *

Van Range


From £ 11,365.00 **


From £ 12,515.00 **

Citroën Dispatch


From £ 17,100.00 **

New Relay

From £ 19,405.00 **

New Cars & Vans

DS Limited Edition

DS 3 Ice makes eye-catching use of pure white. A special edition that gives cool a new sense of direction.

Future Vehicles

Find out about the exciting new cars that Citroën are developing, including the Citroën C4 new range.


Discover our latest car and van offers across the Citroën range and DS line.


Citroën Motability offers simple, worry free motoring on the Citroën range. There are now over 40 models available with NIL advance payment.

Citroën Families

When deciding on your perfect Citroën, there are so many important choices to make! If you’re considering upsizing or upgrading, find out more about the Citroën cars.

DS Family

The DS family section helps you make your selection of a premium DS model.