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Welcome to Citroën Presents, a place for new and experienced drivers to discover advice and inspirational content.


If you’re in the mood for a road trip and wish to discover some perfect destinations, or if you’re considering a new or used car purchase and require some advice, we’ve included some handy tips. There are also tips for driving in winter conditions and keeping your vehicle secure. If you want to be inspired to get the most out of driving, delve into our inspiration pages to learn more about our impressive electric car technology, iconic Citroën's and much more!

The Best UK Road Trips

Discover some of the best UK road trips where you can experience new sights, adventures and increase your love of getting behind the wheel.

Winter Driving Tips

Stay safe when driving in snow, fog and ice by following our tips on how to drive in winter conditions.

10 Reasons Why You Need An SUV

Stylish, roomy and comfortable. SUV's are growing in popularity and we can see why. Discover at least 10 reasons why you need an SUV here.

Rules and Tips for Buying a New Car

There are so many great choices to make when looking for a new car. Discover our advice and tips so you can drive off into the sunset with the perfect choice.

Citroën Electric Car Technology

Find out more about our practical, efficient electric vehicles which provide you with the comfort, space and technology you need to make every journey enjoyable.

How to Save on Fuel

Follow our tips on how to improve your fuel consumption; not only is it good for your wallet, but also for the environment.

Iconic Citroën Cars

Find out more about some of our iconic models ranging from the Citroën 2CV to the Citroën Type H.

Tips on Buying a Used Car

Discover our handy guide, giving you tips when you’re looking to buy a used car so there are no surprises.

New Driver Advice

Passing your driving test is an exciting part of your life allowing you to travel to new places far and wide. Follow our guide so you can be geared up and ready to take to the road.

How to Keep your Vehicle Secure

Your vehicle is a big part of your life. Therefore keeping it safe and secure is a priority, our advice and tips are aimed to help you keep your vehicle as secure as possible.