Citroën technology

At Citroën, we design technology with people in mind. Our aim is always to add value, making driving a Citroën as safe, pleasurable and sustainable as possible.



Head-Up display

Citroën's Head-Up display allows you to have all essential driver information displayed in your field of vision.

Safety - Video lane departure warning system

Lane Departure Warning System

Increased safety by combating drowsiness at the wheel.

Safety - Automatic headlights

Automatic headlights

The automatic headlights come on automatically.


Smart beam

When smart beam is activated, a miniature camera mounted in the base of the rear view mirror dips your headlights when it senses an oncoming vehicle.


Tyre pressure monitor

The tyre pressure monitor system continuously monitors all four tyres and informs the driver if the pressure of any of them is too low.

DS4 ESC 1440x545

Electronic Stability Control

ESC is a system which helps you keep control of your vehicle when driving in difficult conditions.

Safety - Active cruise control

Active cruise control

When in use, active cruise control uses a radar sensor in the front bumper to sense and warn the driver if the vehicle in front slows down.

Safety - Citroën eTouch

Citroën eTouch

Citroën eTouch Emergency & Assistance System makes getting help in an emergency much easier.

Citroën technology - Safety - Active safety belts

Active seatbelts

Active seatbelts vibrate when the vehicle senses that you’ve accidently crossed the white lines as well as for ESC and cruise control alerts.

Safety - EMP2 modular platform

EMP2 Platform

Citroën's new global modular platform, EMP2, employs the latest technology and high-end materials to deliver the next generation of Citroën vehicles.



Pneumatic suspension

The pneumatic suspension on the back axle gives you a smoother ride by filtering out any bumps in the road surface.

Navigation systems by Citroën


Citroën's eMyWay system helps to keep you comfortable on the road.


Panoramic windscreen

Citroën's panoramic windscreen helps to make your drive more comfortable and provides exceptional visibility from all angles.

Comfort - Laminated windows

Laminated windows

The laminated windows are made up of two glass sheets separated by a plastic insert that provides outstanding soundproofing.

Comfort - Fragrance dispenser

Scented air freshener

The scented air freshener provides a relaxed onboard ambience, suited to your personal preference.

Comfort - 7

7 inch Touch Drive interface

100% digital, 100% touch-sensitive and 100% intuitive.

Comfort - 12

12 inch Panoramic HD Display

The spectacular 12 inch High Definition Panoramic screen displays essential driving information in an easy-to-configure layout.

Comfort - Relax front passenger seat

Front passenger Relax seat

The front passenger Relax seat helps to keep your passenger comfortable on the road.

Driving assistance

Driving aids - ETG6 clutchless gearbox

ETG6 gearbox

The ETG6 (Efficient Tronic Gearbox 6) makes the car particularly easy to manoeuvre.


Parking space 'gap' measurement system

Using sensors built into the front bumper, the parking space 'gap' measurement system tells you whether a free parking space is big enough for your car and how difficult the manoeuvre is likely to be.

Driving aids - Hill start assist

Hill Start Assist

The Hill Start Assist function helps the driver to set off or manoeuvre on gradients.

Driving aids - Blind spot monitoring

Blind spot monitoring system

The blind spot monitoring system detects vehicles up to three meters away.

Driving aids - Park assist

Park Assist

An advanced active parking aid, Park Assist finds a suitable space then smoothly guides the vehicle into it.

Driving aids - 360° vision

Park Assist 360

Park Assist 360 provides all-round vision from four cameras; one at the front, one at the rear above the registration plate, and the other two below the exterior door mirrors for peripheral vision.

Driving aids - Hands-free access and starter

Keyless entry and start

It starts the moment you walk towards the vehicle.

1800x681_Reversing_Camera (2)

Reversing camera

When the car goes into reverse, the reversing camera shows the area behind the car on the main cabin screen.

Citroën Multicity Connect

Citroën Multicity Connect

A new generation of innovative connected services