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Citroën Range


From £16,416*

New C1

From £7,995*


From £8,995*

Berlingo Multispace

From £12,285*


C3 Picasso

From £11,075*

New C4 Cactus

From £12,990*

C4 New Range

From £14,645*

C4 Picasso

From £17,760*

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

Grand C4 Picasso

From £19,460*

c5 saloon

C5 Saloon

From £21,670*

C5 Tourer

From £22,770*

DS Range

DS 3

From £ 13,295.00*

DS 3 Cabrio

From £ 15,295.00*

DS 4

From £ 18,695.00*

DS 5

From £ 25,980.00*

Van Range


From £ 11,225.00**


From £ 12,515.00**

Citroën Dispatch


From £ 17,100.00**

New Relay

From £ 19,405.00**

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Citroën Releases Arsenal Fan Song & ‘Survival Guide’ for Football Fans Heading Home as Season Ends

Citroën creates football fan’s end of season survival guide and works with Arsenal Football Club to release a parody music video: ‘Return of the...

DS Week in Paris – Celebrating 60 Years of History

DS Week kicked off today in Paris and will run through to 24 May. The DS brand is organising this major event to celebrate the 60 th birthday of...

Foxes to Drive New Citroën C1 for Guinness World Record

The New Citroën C1 and British singer-songwriter, Foxes, are taking on a Guninness World Record title attempt for the ‘most live...

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