The advantages of an electric car such as Citroën C-Zero are many. Electric vehicles are highly economical the C-Zero lets you cover 93 miles for around £1.50! This especially applies for users who can charge them overnight, taking advantage of economical electricity. Also power usage drops to zero when the car is still; so you needn’t worry about wasting fuel if you’re stuck in a traffic jam.


Electric cars contribute to better health for their users and everyone around them; they have zero particulate emissions. They also lower stress and hearing fatigue through being as quiet as only an electric vehicle can be, with no real engine noise. Citroën C-Zero is therefore the perfect choice for those who want to protect the enviroment and lower their stress levels.


And in many countries, their low emission status can make you even more savings; for example, with the benefit of the UK government’s subsidies, buyers can save £5,000 on the purchase price of the C-Zero as well as enjoying London Congestion Charge exemption!


Citroën C-Zero is a fully electric, zero-emissions small car now on sale in the UK. It is a compact hatchback with room for five passengers and a 166-litre boot. Powered by a 47kW electric motor, it can be charged up from a household mains supply and it is as simple to drive as a standard automatic.


It offers 180Nm of torque and it has an estimated range of 93 miles per charge, making it a practical choice for drivers who tend to drive short distances, especially in busy urban areas.