Citroën Dispatch Combi

The Citroën Dispatch Combi combines great practicality and space with the outstanding comfort of an MPV car.


Key points

  • Drives like an MPV car
  • Available in two lengths
  • Up to nine seats and 553 litres of boot space under the shelf
  • Easy access with the large sliding side doors
  • Highly modular
  • Top-grade safety
  • Optimised driving aids

Modern and robust styling

Known as the Citroën Jumpy Multispace in Europe, the Citroën Dispatch Combi is an extremely attractive MPV car with a large, chrome-plated grill that reaches to its headlights. Choose the stunning Exclusive finish, with a full paint Look Pack and alloy wheels as standard, for a stylish, dynamic look.

Citroën Dispatch Combi - A modern and robust style

Spacious and comfortable

Citroën Dispatch Combi - A best-in-class boot

Carry up to nine people in comfort in your Citroën Dispatch Combi. The one or two sliding side doors mean it's really easy to access, and the Combi SX L2 version boasts a boot volume of 553 dmᶟ under the shelf.
The the row two single seat tilts forward, for wider and more comfortable access to the three back-row seats in the Combi SX versions, with enough seats for eight people.

Feel-good technology

eMyWay navigation system


Use the very best technology to easily find your way and get traffic information in real time. You'll also love its:

  • RDS CD sound system that's compatible with your music device
  • Bluetooth® hands-free kit

Connecting Box

Citroën Dispatch Combi - Connecting Box

The Connecting Box keeps you connected on the go, with its handy USB port, jack port and Bluetooth® hands-free kit.

MP3 CD sound system

Citroën Dispatch Combi - RDS CD sound system

Enjoy premium sound quality with four loud speakers (six with the Combi SX). And the system's really easy to use, thanks to the steering-wheel-mounted controls.

Efficient driving aids

Cruise control / Speed limiter

Rear park assist

Automatic headlights and windscreen wipe

Grip Control

Enjoy a relaxed drive with the cruise control and speed limiter function:

  • Cruise control keeps the vehicle at a set speed without you having to push the accelerator
  • the speed limiter keeps the vehicle within the speed you choose
Citroën Dispatch Combi - Cruise control / speed limiter

The rear park assist makes manoeuvring much easier as:

  • ultrasonic sensors in the bumpers sense any obstacles close to the car
  • the system gives a beep (and shows information, depending on the variant) to let you know the proximity and location of any obstacles
Citroën Dispatch Combi - Rear park assist

You're free to concentrate on the road thanks to some handy features:

  • the wipers will automatically adjust their speed to the intensity of the rain
  • headlights come on automatically so you're seen at all times, without having to do anything
Citroën Dispatch Combi - Automatic headlights and windscreen wipers

The Citroën Dispatch Combi's advanced traction control system adapts to the driving conditions to always give the best grip no matter what.
Easily switch to one of the four modes depending on the driving conditions (normal, all-terrain, snow or sand).

Citroën Dispatch Combi - Grip Control

A green option

All of the Citroën Dispatch Combi's engines give you excellent performance and a great drive. You can also choose to fit your Dispatch Combi with options that reduce its environmental footprint, like:

  • aerodynamic screens under the body
  • a volt control, which optimises the way the alternator charges the battery, significantly reducing fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions
Citroën Dispatch Combi - A green powertrain
Citroën Dispatch Combi
From £23,855 ?