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Panoramic Zenith Windscreen

The panoramic Zenith windscreen as standard on the Exclusive model has to be seen to be truly believed. The exceptionally long 1,350mm windscreen allows for all passengers to share and enjoy a truly breathtaking panoramic experience. The expansive glassed front area of the Citroën C3 offers new driving enjoyment and increased visibility both forwards and upwards. Forward field of vision is increased by 80° upwards, as well as front 3/4 visibility being improved. 
Pare-brise Zenith nouvelle Citroën C3

A Unique Panorama

The Citroën C3 may be compact on the outside, but inside there’s a sense of total freedom. The sweeping panoramic Zenith windscreen allows everyone to enjoy every moment of scenery that goes by; making for a truly unique driving and passenger experience.
Panorama unique offert par le pare-brise Zenith de

Sunlight Control

Even in full sunlight the Citroën C3 won't be too bright. The Zenith windscreen features a progressive colour fade and a moveable stiff blind (with two sunblinds) that allow you to adjust light levels perfectly so that no-one gets dazzled. It also means that you can take full advantage of your driving surroundings without anyone on the outside being able to see inside. And for maximum protection, there are also slide out integral visors when you need them.
Protection solaire du pare-brise de la nouvelle Ci