Map updates

The roads around us are constantly changing, which is why our maps are too.

If your Citroën has a built in navigation system, you can update this regularly, by downloading the latest maps available. So, you can be confident that it will help you find the most efficient routes to your destinations, saving you time, fuel and money.

Your Citroën navigation system gives you more than just directions from A to B, as it can also help you find the things you need, like the nearest car park or petrol station. With the added benefit of traffic information, it will also offer you an alternative route, if your usual route is congested. Plus, if your navigation system includes safety camera alerts, you can also download updated alerts. And, for added peace of mind, it can also pinpoint your exact location should you need roadside assistance.

To find out more, or to update your Citroën’s built in navigation system visit the Citroën navigation website.

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