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From New C3 to C4 Cactus, welcome to the Citroën range of family hatchbacks. These models have well-balanced proportions adapting to all driving situations and score top marks on comfort, practicality and versatility. In town and out on the open road, choose one of these family hatchbacks to free your spirit.





New Citroën C3 is a modern, stylish city car with a unique design. Its signature Airbump® panels and Citroën Advanced Comfort® means New C3 can take on any journey from the urban jungle to the open roads in style and comfort.

With its expressive body style, extensive equipment and driver assistance technology such as Hill Start Assist, New Citroën C3 is the perfect family hatchback for your everyday urban life!



Fresh, inspiring and unique. Citroën C4 Cactus is compact but spacious with 358 litres of boot space. C4 Cactus is also packed with advanced technology such as the Start & Stop technology, Park Assist System and Airbump® panels. CO2 emission produced by C4 Cactus is also as low as 82g/km . C4 Cactus is shaped by innovations that are designed to meet your family car requirements and minimise running costs.


Citroën C4 is a refined five-seater with Citroën Advanced Comfort® providing a luxurious drive without compromising family practicality. The best-in-class boot will accommodate all your family's essentials, and our Stop-Start system will reduce your fuel costs.