Citroën C4


Key features

  • A new light signature makes the front and rear more expressive
  • An open, bright interior: with comfortable seats and acoustics on a par with the best
  • A versatile vehicle: optimised size to space ratio
  • Useful technology, with the introduction of a 7 inch Touch Screen grouping all media and navigation functions
  • Smooth driving: onroad qualities for a relaxing drive
  • Latest-generation engines that enhance driveability and reduce fuel consumption

More design


Citroën C4 is immediately recognisable because of its unique look. Its balanced proportions and dynamic styling showcases the car's strength and stability.
Nouvelle Gamme C4

The personality of the C4 is showcased in a multitude of details with sculpted lines, ribben bonnet, black rear spoiler and slim headlights, to make a strong statement.


Citroën is giving you a car for 24 hours so you can discover your perfect day.

Where will you go?

LED light signature

Nouvelle Gamme C4

A new LED light signature enhances the expressive appearance of the vehicle with the addition of LED daytime running lights.

3D LED lights

Nouvelle Gamme C4

Citroën C4 is enhanced by a new 3D-effect light signature at the rear.


C4 New Range Steering Wheel

A unique onboard experience. The cabin features best-in-class materials:
- new, modern and visually lightweight centre with the integration of a 7 inch Touch Screen
- seats that provide both support and comfort
- soft touch dashboard
- chrome flashes on the steering wheel controls, air vents and gear lever

More Comfort

Welcoming interior


Citroën C4 offers comfortable and relaxing seats, with both driver and front passenger seats featuring lumbar adjustment.

Large glazed area

C4 New Range panoramic roof

Let the light in. Citroën C4 has a large glazed area for great visibility and light. The large 1.3 m² panoramic sunroof and electric sunblind create an even brighter feel for enhanced passenger comfort.



Soundproofing is positioned strategically close to the sources of noise emissions:
- an acoustic windscreen with a damping film,
- absorbents added to the engine compartment,
- a sealing concept comprising a peripheral body shield, a door shield and an external shield.



The C4's audio system uses cutting-edge technology, innovative sound-processing software and an amplified subwoofer to give you premium sound quality.

Equipment for your comfort


C4's equipment is designed to ensure comfort in all situations: a driving position where all controls fall easily to hand, a 12V socket and a rechargeable torch in the boot.


C4 New Range Interior

Generous space

Citroën C4 has many advantages in everyday life with a wheelbase of 2608mm; the rear seats offer an adequate amount of space.


Boot capacity

Citroën C4 has a boot volume of 408 litres, allowing five passengers to transport their entire luggage. You'll love the wide variety of roomy, ingenious storage compartments.


Compact dimensions

The dimensions of the Citroën C4 are compact to save space:
• Length 4329mm
• Width 1789
• Height 1489


A versatile vehicle

The back seat has a modular 2/3-1/3 split-fold layout, while the ski flap lets you carry long, bulky objects.


Citroën C4 explores the full benefit of Citroën's latest technologies, harnessed for comfort, practicality and convenience:

Pictos Nouvelle Gamme C4

New 7 inch Touch Screen to access all media functions and a new touch-sensitive navigation system.

Pictos Nouvelle Gamme C4

Keyless entry and start allowing the vehicle to be unlocked and started while the electronic key remains in the driver’s pocket.


Blind spot warning, playing a valuable safety role, this lets you know when something's in your blind spot with an orange diode in the door mirror.

Pictos Nouvelle Gamme C4

Front fog lamps with static cornering lighting. These lights shine an additional beam on the inside of corners, thus improving visibility and safety in corners. They are turned on in two ways: when the turn signal is activated or when the angle of the turning wheel reaches 60°. They light up an angle of up to 75° on either side of the vehicle

Pictos Nouvelle Gamme C4

To increase your visability, Citroën C4 can be equipped with Xenon dual-function directional headlights, the headlamps follow the steering angle of the car so you can see the road ahead sooner.

Pictos Nouvelle Gamme C4

Citroën Connect Box service gives you access to the localised emergency and breakdown call service, as well as to the EcoDriving and Virtual Maintenance Manual accessible from your personal online MyCitroën page.

Pictos Nouvelle Gamme C4

The Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) designed to deal with a loss of alertness by the driver, the cause of many accidents, particularly on motorways. This system uses sensors in the front bumper to ‘read’ the continuous or broken lines on the road and warns the driver when the vehicle crosses them.


Intelligent Traction Control (ITC) provides a better grip on slippery surfaces by detecting conditions that make it difficult to start up and move forward. In these situations, the ITC replaces the anti-slip regulation (ASR) and transfers the drive force to the wheel with the best grip to maximise traction and keep the car moving in the right direction.

Pictos Nouvelle Gamme C4

Hill Start Assist is an electric parking brake that automatically holds the vehicle steady for two seconds to allow an easy start on gradients of over 3%.

Affordable running costs

Citroën C4 comes with the latest-generation engines.

Blue HDi technology satisfies the Euro 6 standard with CO₂ emissions from 86g/km and fuel consumption over a combined cycle from 3.3l/100 km.

The PureTech turbocharged petrol engine, recently awarded International Engine of the Year 2015, combines advanced performance with reduced fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions.

These new engines deliver exceptional driveability while managing fuel consumption.

Citroën C4

From £13,645 ?
Nouvelle Gamme Citroën C4