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Everything you need to charge


Octopus Energy launched in 2016 on a mission to make energy greener, fairer, and genuinely better for people around the world.


They use their tech to design cleaner, smarter and cheaper energy solutions to achieve a greener future.


They're the ONLY UK energy supplier recommended by Which? five years in a row and they put their customers first.


They've got everything customers need including a tariff, home charger and a solution for charging on the go making the switch to an electric vehicle easier and hassle-free.


You can now choose the Ohme smart home charger (installed by Octopus Energy) as your home charging solution. Enjoy award winning customer service from their expert installers. The team can install smart meters, chargers and get your electric set up ready for even the most complex of installs.


Octopus can have your home ‘EV ready’ before your new Citroën arrives!


A bright LCD screen allows you to control your charging from the charger itself. Integrates with the Intelligent Octopus* tariff so you can charge at the cheapest, greenest times.





Electric Universe* simplifies public charging by offering one tap access to over 330,000 public charge points across the UK and Europe. Use your Electroverse card to pay for public charging with no need for multiple apps or subscriptions and no added costs or on going fees.


Plan your route based on your charging needs, check real time availability as well as info on all public charge points via the app. Sign up for free in just 30 seconds, and if you’re an Octopus Energy home electricity customer, you’ll see all your charging at home and on the road on a single bill.




With Intelligent Octopus*, get six hours of cheap, green energy from 11.30pm to 5.30am every night. Charging at home means you can charge your EV quickly, conveniently and cheaply. You’re in control with their handy, hassle free app.
Just tell Octopus how much you need and by when they’ll handle the rest!

Intelligent Octopus is the next generation home energy tariff designed for EV drivers. It supports the grid by charging when it’s cheapest and greenest. If you need your car sooner, you can Bump Charge from the app at any time to charge your car at normal rates.

Plus if you sign up to the Intelligent Octopus home energy tariff you will benefit from a 8% discount on all public charge points in the UK via Electric Universe




*Offer Terms & Conditions

Electric Universe and Intelligent Octopus are offered by Octopus Energy Limited, company number 09263424. In order to use these services, you must read and accept Octopus Energy's terms and conditions. When you click on any links related to Octopus Energy, you will be tak en away from the Citroën UK website. Citroën UK is not responsible for the content or services provided by third party suppliers such as Octopus Energy.

Who should customers get in touch with if they have a problem with their charger? Give Octopus Energy Services a call on 0808 196 6842 or drop them an email at

Who should customers get in touch with if they have a problem with their tariff? Contact Octopus directly on