Citroën C5 Saloon


Key points

  • Prestigious, appealing and timeless styling
  • Hydractive III+ suspension – a world first
  • BlueHDi technology 106g/km of CO₂
  • Standard-setting soundproofing
  • Top-grade safety features
  • Technology for wellness
  • e-MyWay navigation system

A prestigious design


The Citroën C5 Saloon is a prestige vehicle that sets a new standard in the sedan market. With its aerodynamic lines and powerful body profile, from some angles this elegant saloon resembles a thoroughbred coupé.

Concave rear window

Citroën C5 Saloon - Concave rear window

The Citroën C5 Saloon's concave rear window is characteristic of our larger models. As well as adding a distinctive style, the reverse curve of the window allows easy access to the boot.

Chrome detailing

Citroën C5 Saloon - Chrome inserts

With the Exclusive trim option, chrome inserts add a sophisticated touch to the lower body, radiator grille, bumpers and side windows.
And on the HDi 200 automatic model, chrome twin exhaust tailpipes  underline the powerful design of the rear end.

Daytime-running lights

Citroën C5 Saloon - Light signature

The LED daytime running lights add an additional touch of elegance while improving the car's visibility.

Stylish alloy wheels

Citroën C5 Saloon Saloon - Wheels

The Citroën C5 Saloon comes with a wide selection of wheel options, including 16" - 19" alloys, which add to its elegance and distinctive character.

A refined interior

Every detail of the cabin, from the dashboard to the central console and door panels has been designed with style in mind.

  • Our designers have paid special attention to the choice of materials and interior finishes available, including lacquer trim, slush moulding and chrome and metal inserts to the door panels.
  • With leather seats, door panels, central console and upper fascia trim, the black leather option provides a sophisticated executive finish.

Driving experience

C5 Saloon Driving Experience

The Citroën C5 Saloon's cockpit-style driving position is designed to produce a driving experience that's both intuitive and thrilling.
The fixed centred controls on the steering wheel give you easy access to frequently used functions, including stereo and mobile phone controls.
Driving information is displayed on three elegant dials. The needles run round rather than across each dial for easier reading.

Top-notch seats

C5 Saloon top notch seats

The Citroën C5 Saloon's seating meets the highest standards in comfort:

  • Opt for heating and massage functions for a truly relaxing ride (leather option only).
  • The three-seater bench at the rear incorporates adjustable headrests and a wide central armrest.

Optimised interior space

The Citroën C5 Saloon's design makes full use of the generous cabin space. Features include:

  • plenty of leg room so passengers can travel in first-class comfort
  • a 2/3 - 1/3 split folding rear bench seat
  • lots of handy integrated storage compartments
  • a roomy boot


Automatic air conditioning

Citroën C5 Saloon - Automatic air conditioning

The Citroën C5 Saloon's automatic air conditioning is designed to ensure a comfortable temperature for all passengers:

  • The soft diffusion system creates a uniform blanket of air around the cabin
  • Temperature settings at the front can be customised
  • Each rear passenger has their own air outlet, so they can control the direction and intensity of air flow


Citroën C5 Saloon - Soundproofing

High-quality soundproofing ensures a relaxed ride:

  • laminated windows comprising two sheets of glass and one of plastic limit incoming noise
  • a triple seal effectively soundproofs the doors
  • absorbent materials surrounding noise-emitting parts, like the engine, keep vehicle noise down
  • exterior parts are also designed and fitted with sound insulation in mind

Hi-Fi audio System


The Citroën C5 Saloon's Hi-Fi audio System offers exceptional acoustic qualities:

  • eight loudspeakers built into the dashboard and doors give excellent sound discribution
  • a digital amplifier to ensure the sound radiates around the cabin
  • a subwoofer in the boot provides extra depth


Citroën C5 Saloon - eMyWay

The integral eMyWay satellite navigation system features a 7 inch 16/9 colour display. It also includes:

  • an MP3- and WMA-compatible CD player
  • a USB port to connect an MP3 player
  • a Bluetooth® kit so you can use your mobile phone hands-free
Citroën C5 Saloon - eTouch

With Citroën eTouch, your Citroën C5 Saloon can make localised assistance and emergency calls. It also allows you to access the Eco Driving service and a virtual maintenance manual.

Citroën C5 Saloon - Hill Start Assist

The Hill Start Assist function keeps your vehicle steady for two seconds after you release the brake pedal on a slope of over 3%. This gives you time to move your foot from the  brake pedal to the accelerator

Citroën C5 Saloon - Park Assist

Park Assist makes manoeuvring in tight spaces much easier. Ultrasonic sensors in the bumpers sense any obstacles close to the car and alert you with an audible beep. You can also check the location of the obstacles on the on board computer screen.

Citroën C5 Saloon - Space gap measurement system

The parking space 'gap' measurement system works with the parking sensors to help you park your vehicle. As well as telling you whether a space is big enough to park in, it even lets you know how difficult it will be to manoeuvre into.

Citroën C5 Saloon - Electric handbrake

The Citroën C5 Saloon features an electric parking brake. By simply pressing a button on the central console you can set to engage automatically when the engine stops and disengage when you accelerate.
The electric parking brake is coupled with the Hill Start Assist function and
comes as standard on vehicles fitted with Hydractive III+ suspension.

Citroën  C5 - Cruise control/speed limiter

The Citroën C5 Saloon incorporates two speed management features, controlled from the steering wheel, for your peace of mind:

  • cruise control lets you keeps the car at a set speed without using the accelerator pedal
  • the speed limiter keeps the car under the maximum speed you set

A choice of two types of suspension

Hydractive III+

Citroën C5 Saloon - Hydractive 3+ suspension

The Hydractive III+ suspension is designed with comfort as top priority and keeps the car at a constant height, regardless of load. Features include:

  • automatic adaptation to road conditions
  • two stiffness settings: soft and firm
  • sport mode for a more dynamic ride

Metal suspension

Citroën C5 Saloon - metal suspension

For those who prefer a sportier driving experience, the metal suspension option provides a stonger feeling of connection with the road.

High-spec headlamps

Halogen headlamps

Citroën C5 Saloon - Halogen lights

The Citroën C5 Saloon's halogen headlamps cover up to 75° to the right- or left-hand side of the vehicle, depending on the movement of the steering wheel.
This lets you anticipate bends in the road and gives the drivers of oncoming vehicles advance notice of your presence. LED daytime-running lights also increase the visibility of the vehicle in the daylight.

Dual-function xenon headlamps

Citroën C5 Saloon - Dual-function Xenon lights

Twice as bright as halogen headlamps, xenon directional headlamps set a high standard in safety, providing excellent visibility at night or in bad weather:

  • the headlamps follow the steering angle of the car so you can see the road ahead sooner
  • white beams make night driving less tiring
  • corner lights cover an angle of up to 105° on each side for increased visibility
  • LED daytime running lights also increase the car's visibility




Smart Traction Control

Lane Departure Warning System


The Citroën C5 Saloon comes with an innovative comprehensive braking system as standard. This includes:

  • four large-diameter vented disc brakes
  • an ABS feature that adjusts braking pressure electronically to stop the wheels locking
  • EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) that distributes braking power evenly to all wheels
  • EBA (Emergency Braking Assistance) that boosts braking power instantly when you press hard on the brake pedal

The Citroën C5 Saloon's ESC (Electronic Stability Control) with traction control helps you keep the car stable. For example it automatically adjusts the brakeforce distribution and engine speed to handle even the tightest corners smoothly.

The Citroën C5 Saloon's Intelligent Traction Control System makes driving on slippery terrain safer. It analyses a wide range of parameters, including the slipperiness of the ground and its angle and adjusts the right and left wheels separately. If the car skids it will immediately engage the brakes.
This helps to keep the vehicle under control on wet roads, snow and black ice, especially with the addition of snow tyres.

It's easy to get sleepy on long night drives. However the Citroën C5 Saloon's LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) can help to keep you safe.  
When the function is activated, sensors at the front at the car detect any unintentional lane change. The system sounds a warning beep and vibrates the driver’s seat to alert you.

The Citroën C5 Saloon is designed to cushion its occupants from the impact of a crash:

  • Seven airbags are included as standard (front, lateral, knee and curtain)
  • Two additional lateral airbags are available at the rear
  • The steering column retracts by more than 65mm to protect the driver


BlueHDi technology

Citroën C5 Saloon - BlueHDi technology

The BlueHDi engine incorporates leading-edge technology that eliminates:

  • 99.9% of diesel particles
  • 90% of nitrogen dioxide particles

Particulate filter

Citroën C5 Saloon - Particulate filter

The HDi engine's diesel particulate filter system (DPFS) traps and burns unburnt particles. This brings the particulate emissions to barely measurable levels, exceeding even future EU environmental standards.

Sustainably built

Citroën C5 Saloon - Sustainable development

The Citroën C5 Saloon is assembled at our ISO 14001-certified manufacturing facility in Rennes, France. We've made significant investment in technology to achieve the latest standards for environmental protection and sustainability.

Citroën C5 Saloon

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