When it comes to buying a new car there's a lot of information to take in. What size, how many doors, which colour options to choose?  You'll find them in the Citroën Family Range!


But if you don't yet know what it is you're exactly looking for, or you want to see similar cars in the same class, then take a look through our Citroën Family pages. We call them a family as they all share common traits, but each car has its own look and feel.


There’s a range of Citroën car models to suit most needs, if you’re looking for a stylish small car for city driving, we can help you find perfect car. If you and your family need a safe and spacious family car, or if you’re looking for an economical electric car that’s cheap to run and fun to drive, discover cars within the Citroën Family Range.

Small cars


You might be a city dweller, looking for the most convenient and frugal small car without sacrificing style.

Family cars


You might be looking for a family car that can grow along with your family, with all the space you need for any holiday or errand.

Electric Car


You might be a technological trendsetter, looking to join a new wave of motoring with an unbeatably economical electric car.