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Your Vehicle

Your car has a lot of value to you, and not just economically. It opens up the world for you to explore and discover new places, and get to the shops easily too! For these reasons, it’s important to keep your car secure at all times, these tips below are aimed to help you.



One of the safest places for your car to be is parked outside your home. With street lighting and homes full of people, budding thieves can be deterred. It goes without saying, keep your car locked when you’ve parked it. Even if you’ve just popped back into the house for something, it just keeps your car safer.


When it comes to parking your car, a driveway or garage is best, if you have access to one of these. The closer your car is to your home, or more hidden it is, the safer it’ll be. If possible, install a motion-activated light on your driveway, as this could increase safety. If you don’t have access to a driveway or a garage, try to park under a streetlight, or where your car is in view of other houses.




When parking in town, there are different types of parking such as street parking or in a multi storey car park. When you leave your car, it will be more protected if you hide any valuables. Put coats and bags into the boot where they’re safe and hidden. Much like when you park at home, try to leave your car near a well-lit, populated area or building as this will help reduce any chance of risk, too. If you’re leaving your car in a car park, try to find somewhere with CCTV cameras. Many multi-storey carparks will have this level of security.


Extra security measures you can take

If you want to be even more diligent, there are extra measures you can take that help with car security. If you have an older, or used car, these steps will probably be more relevant than if your car is new.

Many new cars come with steering wheel locks and security alarms already built in, helping to keep you more protected. However, if you have an older car it might not come with these protections. But don’t worry! You can buy locks and alarms from many major retailers that will do the same job.

Car Security and Insurance

Making sure your car is properly secured means that you can earn discounts in your insurance premium. Extra security and keeping your car safe could save you even more money.

You can install a tracking system, so you can easily track your car and hopefully increase the chances of getting it back, if the worst does happen. As well as a tracking system, mark your car with invisible ink to make it easier to identify.
New C4 Cactus Hatch

Electronic Immobiliser

Our new vehicles contain an electronic chip within the key which has a secret code. When the ignition is switched on, this code must be recognised in order for you to start the vehicle successfully.

A few seconds after switching the ignition off, the system locks the engine control system, therefore preventing the engine from being started in the event of a break in.
Citroen C3

Securing Your Van

If you’re a van driver, then you probably know that it is your livelihood as well as your vehicle. Therefore, you should be even more security conscious, and take extra precautions. Look into getting a deadlock, which is harder to break, as well as a steel window grill to be extra safe. Remove your tools and add a sticker to let people know they will not be left in the van overnight.

All the measures we have suggested to protect your vehicle are advice. If you follow our advice we hope that your vehicle will be safe and secure. However, there are no guarantees. The main aim is to be sensible with your vehicle and not take any unnecessary risks.