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In 1919, André Citroën founded the Citroën brand with the determination to use innovative, forward-thinking technology to make Citroën vehicles and the brand stand out in the automobile industry. Today, we still use his innovative technology philosophy to pave the way for new ideas and inventions. The current Citroën range wouldn’t include the innovate vehicles available today, without a touch of inspiration from the past. Take a trip down memory lane with us, as we look back at some of our favourite Citroëns and how they have become so familiar.

Iconic Citroëns

What makes a car iconic? Is it the design, the technology, or the creativity that has been put into it? When it comes to these Citroëns, they have all unique features, dynamic designs and something a little different to make them a stand out, feel good car.
2CV James Bond

Citroën 2CV

One way to know how iconic a car is, is by asking a simple question: has it featured in a James Bond film? For Citroën 2CV, the answer is yes. Cute, and classically French, the 2CV featured in a scene from "For Your Eyes Only", in all its canary-yellow glory.

It was designed for the hilly French countryside roads in 1935 by engineer, André Lefebvre with Flaminio Bertoni as stylist, and as with all Citroën cars, it was the driver’s comfort and needs that were the most important aspect.

The idea was to make an affordable, simple and practical car that could transport people and their goods on any terrain in an economical way. With that idea in mind the 2CV was revealed in 1939 as the first ever front-wheel-drive small sedan. It quickly became one of the most recognisable cars in the world, and until 1990 when it ceased production, the French country roads were dotted with these quirky domed-roof cars.

Citroën H-Van

Do you think all vans look the same? If so, then allow us to point you in the direction of the Type H. Its unique design means it's still hugely popular today; if you've ever wandered around a street market looking for an Instagram-worthy dinner, you may well see delicious food being served out of a vintage Type H.

Just like 2CV, the Type H made history, and not just for stylistic reasons. It was the first ever front-wheel-drive van, which meant the power from the transmission system went to the front wheels only, making it excellent to drive in slippery conditions.
Citroen Type-H

Traction Avant


Nicknamed "Queen of the road" the Traction Avant not only looks stunning but was a step forward in technological innovation in the car industry. With smooth lines and bold curves the Traction Avant glided across roads and was the first mass produced vehicle to feature a front wheel drive engine and four-wheel independent suspension.

Citroen DS

Citroën DS

Not only was this one of the most stylish cars of the 1950s but it was voted the most beautiful car ever. The Citroën DS was designed by Flaminio Bertoni, who intended for the design of the car to look like a waterdrop. It may now look to us like a classic car, but at the time it was considered a design revelation, and was nicknamed the ‘Flying Saucer’.

Citroën Méhari

Citroen Mehari

In the 1960s and 70s if you wanted to go on an adventure, drive on country roads, or make a real statement in the city, the Citroën Méhari was car for you. 

This off-road compact SUV featured a canvas roof, simplistic army styling and bold, bright colours making the Méhari one of the most recognisable cars for many years.

Citroën SM

Citroen SM

The 1970s were the decade of punk, flares and wild hair. It was also the decade that the Citroën SM came into production, and became one of the most iconic cars. The SM’s long front, and rectangular design is an embodiment of the era, with many different celebrities choosing to buy one.


It wasn’t just the design that made the SM so popular, though. At the time of creation, its braking, handling and coveted Citroën comfort was unlike anything available on the market. The SM was a front-wheel drive vehicle, but because of the impressive tech used in the car, it was still powerful.


GTbyCITROËN is a revolution in more ways than one. We teamed up with Polyphony, the designers of Gran Turismo 5 to create a sportscar that raises the bar in terms of design.

With floating rear-view mirrors, a strong muscular design, and a head-up display that shows you all the information you need so you don’t need to take your eyes off the road. It’s not just the look of the GTbyCITROËN that brings it to the forefront of our concept car collection. The use of flowing lines enhances the aerodynamics to give you a smoother and more polished driving experience. The mobile spoiler, flat underside and enlarged air intakes at the front of the car reduce lift and drag.

Citroën C4 WRC

A winning formula. The C4 WRC successfully met the ambitions of the Citroën Racing team between 2007 and 2010 when it won 4 championships in a row following on from the successes of Citroën Xsara WRC. Led by number 1 driver Sébastien Loeb the C4 WRC won 36 races and achieved a record for consecutive podium positions between 2008 and 2010.

Citroën Origins

Visit Citroën Origins to experience a detailed view of more than 50 iconic and famous Citroëns spanning back to the very first Citroën, the Type A, to our current models today such as C3 and C3 Aircross Compact SUV. You can discover the vehicles which have paved the future for our brand as well as the innovative technology found on our concept cars and our successful race cars of the past and present.
Citroen Origins