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So, you’ve just passed your driving test. Congratulations! Now that the world really is your oyster, you can travel anywhere you want. However, this might sound like quite a daunting prospect and maybe driving on your own is scarier than you first thought. Don’t worry though, many new drivers have felt like this, and it’s completely normal. Check out our new driver advice to get yourself geared up and ready to take to the road.

Driving on your own for the first time

It’s strange to think, but until you pass your test, you’ve never been driving alone in a car. So, to get used to driving by yourself, follow these tips:

• Take a short drive in a familiar location, that you know the route
• If you’re feeling nervous, turn the music off to help you concentrate
• Don’t go out in rush hour, or when it’s dark
• Invest in a Sat Nav, if you’re worried about getting lost on longer drives. We have developed Citroën Connect Nav so you always know where you are going. It stores map data, as well as speed limitations.

Citroën Connect Box is available in many of our cars, including the C4 Cactus. This system will alert emergency services if there is an accident or a health issue, and in case of a serious accident, it will activate itself.


What To Check Before You Set Off

1500x646 C3 Drive

The last thing you want when you set off driving on your own for the first time is something to go wrong with your car. Of course, it’s very unlikely, but making the right checks first will give you peace of mind. For example, do you have enough fuel? Also, have you ever actually filled a car up with fuel before? If not, go with someone more experienced first who can teach you how.


Are your oil and water levels correct? It’s really important for you to know how to check this. Your driving instructor should have taught you on your learner car, but make sure you know how to check on your own car, as it can vary between vehicles. You also need to check that your headlights and brake lights are in working order, even if you’re only driving in the day. A broken light could get you into a lot of trouble.


As well as checking your car, get to know it properly. Adjust all your mirrors to the right positions, and make sure to do this every time you set off! How is your seat? Can you reach the pedals easily? Take some time to make your driving position as comfortable as possible.


You also need to be able to check your tyre pressure. Do this regularly, but always before a long drive or if you’re driving in bad weather. Many of our vehicle models come with a tyre pressure monitor, which continuously monitors all four tyres’ pressure and will alert you if they get too low.

What To Look For In A New Car

After passing your test, the next most exciting thing is to choose your new car. Obviously something that impresses your friends is ideal, and a car that looks amazing on the road is the dream.


Citroen C1 grey and red

Want your new car to be bright, stylish and make a real statement on the road? Then the Citroën C1 is the right car for you. Not only is the Citroën C1 visually pleasing, but it is also nimble on the road and perfect for city driving. You could choose the Airscape version, which means you can enjoy the drive with the wind in your hair.


New Citroen C3

With its unique shape, stand out design and two-tier light signature, Citroën C3 is the stylish car ready for any adventure. Equipped with advanced technology such as Hill Start Assist and a Reversing Camera, C3 will make your drive even easier.

How Can Citroën Cars Help?

Citroen Advanced Comfort


You’ll be spending a lot of time in your car, so comfort is obviously going to be at the top of your agenda. The Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme has been designed to make your car as cosy and comfortable as possible. Nobody wants to be a new driver in a car they don’t feel comfortable in.

Taxes and Services

Buying your first car is really exciting, but there are few things that need to be sorted before you drive off into the sunset. One of the most important things is car tax. All cars must be taxed to be aloud to drive on UK roads. Taxing your car is really simple, you just use your reference number from your V5C vehicle log book to know when your payment is due.

Your car also needs an MOT every year if it’s older than 3 years, in order for you to legally drive it. If you’re buying a used car , make sure you find out when its last service was, and the results before you make the purchase.
DPF Man 737x322


As you may already know, your car needs to be insured to be legal to drive. There are generally three types of car insurance which are third party, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive. Fully comprehensive provides the greatest level of cover as it includes damage to your vehicle, as well as any damage suffered by any third party.

Young drivers, you can get covered with Citroën SimplyDrive, with inclusive car insurance. You can also get a brand-new car, insurance, car servicing and tax with one easy, single payment. As if that wasn’t enough, Simply Drive lets you drive a new Citroën every three years.


If you’re nervous about driving in certain conditions, take someone out with you who you trust, and face your driving fears. The most common concerns are:
Bad Weather

Driving in the UK, it’s hard to avoid bad weather. It’s important to get used to driving in heavy rain, snow, fog and wind, so you can get used to it early on. Practice in adverse weather when you’re at home, or in an area you know well so it’s not as intimidating.


Motorway driving is a skill in itself and one which is useful to learn if you're considering travelling up and down the country. After passing your test, a good idea would be to take motorway lessons with your driving instructor to learn the way of the motorway, and how not to be a middle lane mainstay.

City Driving

Driving in a busy city can be intimidating. There’s so much going on: double decker buses, cyclists, pedestrians, and traffic control systems. Learn to keep your nerves in check and practice city driving with someone who knows the area well. If you’re really nervous, don’t set off at rush hour and start with times of the day that aren’t as busy.

Long Journeys

You won’t be used to driving for particularly long distances, so this is something you want to build up to. Don’t just go straight out on a four-hour drive. Work your way up to it with increasingly longer drives.

Car Parking

You will no doubt have been in these hundreds of times in your life, but driving in them is a different matter. Whether it’s the small things that worry you (like the ticket barriers) or the more intimidating ramps and bay parking, you might find you need some practice. Go on a weekday afternoon, when it’s not as busy, to get used to the system.

What Do You Need To Look Out For?

When you’re driving on your own for the first time, you might become overwhelmed with everything you need to pay attention to out on the road. While you should be knowledgeable of the road signs, there might be other things that can cause you to worry, especially if you’re driving somewhere new:

Bus Lanes

Road Lanes Citroen

If the sign for a bus lane doesn’t show a car, or have any times on it, you must assume that it is in use 24 hours a day, and you can’t drive in it.

Cycle lanes

Cycle Lane Citroen

In busy city centres, you need to be really aware of cyclists. Always check your mirrors at a junction or traffic lights to make sure that a cyclist isn’t in your blind spot. If a cycle lane has a dashed line, cars are allowed to drive into it, but if it has a solid line then they are not.


Citroen Mirrors

Another part of driving in a busy city centre is the amount of delivery drivers on scooters. They are known to weave in and out of traffic. Make sure you are always checking your mirrors and are aware of your surroundings, to avoid a nasty accident.

Citroen Parking

Street Parking

Street parking can be confusing, especially if you are driving in a new area. Parking is usually shown by the yellow and red lines painted onto the road.

• Single yellow line: This means that you can only park or wait there at certain times of the day- this will be indicated by a sign
• Double yellow line: You cannot park or wait here at any time of the day
• Single red line: You can only stop here at certain times of the day - this will be indicated by a sign
• Double red lines: You can’t stop here at all, at any time