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Congestion Charge exemption


Cleaner and greener Citroëns offer Congestion  Charge exemption & peace of mind. Whether you live or work in the capital, or simply need to cross it from time to time, a car that is Congestion Charge-exempt can make life simpler, cheaper and less stressful.

All roads leading into the eight square miles of the controlled zone are signposted, but with over 200 entry points it remains disarmingly easy to cross the boundary accidentally, and drivers who are unfamiliar with the capital’s busy streets are especially likely to make mistakes and incur the congestion charge. London is unforgiving; even if you stray only a few yards into the zone, you will still become liable for the full charge, currently £10 per day. Fines of up to £195 are faced by drivers who forget or don’t realise that they need to pay.

Happily, the owner of any low-emission car with a CO2 rating below 76g/km can avoid the daily charge altogether by registering for the Greener Vehicle Discount. Drivers of zero-emission cars, meanwhile, can register under the similar Electric Vehicle Discount scheme. In either case a one-off administration fee of £10 removes the need to even think about the charge as long as the discounts remain in force, with an additional two years’ grace if the rules change in the future. 

London’s Mayor introduced the congestion charge exemption schemes to try to encourage people to use cleaner and more responsible vehicles when they do need to travel by car. And indeed the exemptions have succeeded in increasing the proportion of low-emission cars within the centre of London, helping to reduce overall CO2 emissions and cut the levels of harmful pollutants.

We are fully committed to producing exceptionally clean and efficient cars, so we are happy that so some of our cars meet today’s exemption criteria. We are also working diligently to produce cars that meet the even tougher targets we can expect in the future.